how to root, install clockworkmod recovery, and install custon rom and kernal on an epic 4g part 2

READ EVERYTHING BEFORE HAND!!!!!!! all credit goes to the guys over at xda and sdx developers. these are basically in the order that they need to be done, you can skip the unrooter if your not rooted and skip which ever firmware update you don’t need. link for the unrooter link for the upgrade from dg27 to di07 link for the upgrade from di07 to di18 link for the oneclick root 2.2.9 if you don’t want to use a custom kernel link for the phoenix kernel, newer 1.45 link for the epic experience Rom link for the clockworkmod recovery To install ClockworkMod Recovery without root access and install a kernel with root enabled 1. Find a kernel with root enabled. Phoenix and Fluffkernel are two that I know that fulfills this requirement. 2. Plug in phone to the computer. 3. Put the kernel zipfile on SD card. 4. Unplug phone from computer. 5. Turn on USB Debugging Mode. 6. Plug in the USB to the computer. 7. Run “run-try-last.bat” from the ClockworkMod Recovery files. 8. When the script from step 7 finishes, turn off phone. 9. While holding Volume Down + Camera, press the power button without letting go of any of the buttons. 10. If the recovery text is GREEN, congratulations! You have successfully replaced the stock recovery with ClockworkMod Recovery. GO TO 11. If you do not, the installer did not work for some reason. Restart phone and GO TO 5. 11. Install your

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