How to put CwCheats on psp

Alright guys make sure you have custom firmware to install this. This Works on Custom Firmware 3.71 m33 and up i believe. CwCheat Downloadlink: Can’t Open The .rar file? Download winrar here Update your CwCheats Database Here Let me know if link doesn’t work. BTW!: you do not need to have seplugins you can just drag the one in folder onto there..! Edit: it works on 3.71 m33-3 and up except 5.00 m33(im not sure if it works with 5.00 m33 no 1 has told me it works with is so far..) EDIT: someone has confirmed that it works on 5.00 m33-4 – To anyone who cares, this also works with psx(playstation one) games. – If you have trouble getting popsloader with cwcheat to work let me know. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!

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