How to make a PS3 Challenge Lobby on 3.55 Firmware

IM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY BANS!! WHAT YOU NEED: Geohot’s CFW (custom firmware) INFO: Download: Tutorial MW2 Patch_mp.ff download put it on the base of your flash drive.. DON’T PUT IT IN A FILE ON YOUR USB! Download the File Manager on the base part of your flash drive then plug in the usb and go to install package files then press triangle and install package files CL Tutorial Step 1: Delete the Mw2 patch Step 2: Re install the mw2 patch Step 3: Open File Manager INFO download here : Step 4: On the left side of screen go to Dev_hdd0 Step 5: Then game Step 6: Then your mw2 region ex . Blus30377 Step 7: Then USDIR Step 8: Then Highlight over patch_mp.ff Step9: Now go to the right side of the screen and go to the dev_usb Step 10: Now click on the patch_mp.ff on your usb hit select, circle, start, then wait 2 secs then press select. Step 11: Test Patch in private match or splitscreen! THE END!

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