How to Install xRecovery and Custom ROM’s on Android Phones (focused on Xperia X8)

Hey guys, here is a video ‘How to install xRecovery and Custom ROMs’ on your Android device, preferably the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. Here are the links: xRecovery 0.1 – Root Explorer (New version, never tested it myself, leave a reply if you’re having issues and I can get the previous version back..) – Custom ROM’s for ALL ANDROID PHONES: (SEARCH FOR YOUR OWN ANDROID DEVICE) Custom X8 ROM’s (Would recommend searching around, recommend GingerDX ROM, the dev for these has stopped developing. What’s there is there.. – If you are having any trouble with the process, feel free to ask any questions down below. One more thing, please donate to help grow our community to make more videos and guides, greatly appreciated. – Paypal : Music used in video: NIGHTkilla – Prepare for War

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