How to Install gpSP Kai GBA Emulator onto your PSP!! Easy!! Games Included!!!

You Must have custom firmware, tutorial here for install Custom firmware on ANY psp: You need winRAR to open and extract these files, download it from here if you don’t already have it: Link for GBA EMULATOR: Link for GBA EMULATOR if you have a PSP GO or if the other emulator did not work: Here’s a website where you can get roms: There are games included in the emulator ready to be played showed in the video. They include pokemon games, sims, and metal slug. I am not responsible for the damages that might happen if installed incorrectly or misused on your psp. And you understand that downloading roms are illegal. Please do me a favor, click on the ad in this video and read its website with interest. support the advirtisers! SUBSCRIBE TODAY

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