How to install Custom Wii Menus (Themes)

How to install Custom Wii Menus The only thing what you need is mymenuify. With mymenuify you can install custom System menus. Here is the Download Link for mymenuify: MyMenuify Channel (Forwarder): Unpack it and copy it into the app folder on your SD Card. Here are the custom menus. Make sure that you download the themes for your Firmware. If you install a 4.0U theme but your Wii has Firmware 4.0E your Wii will brick! Themes for 3.2E: Themes for 3.2U: Themes for 4.0E: Collection 1: Collection 2: Themes for 4.0U: Collection 1: Collection 2: Unpack and copy the themes on your SD Card and simply install the theme you want with mymenuify.

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