How to Install Custom Roms Onto The HTC Thunderbolt

PLEASE READ Your phone needs to be rooted in order to flash custom roms. Watch my other how tos if you need root. I take no responsibility for any problems with your phone after watching this video. Important Note about wiping data / cache: This is only really necessary when you install a rom that is very different from your current rom. For example, if I’m running das bamf 1.5, and I am going to install das bamf 1.6.3. There is no need to wipe data / cache. However, if after installing a rom that you didn’t wipe data, you experience weird behavior, that is most likely due to not wiping data. Having said all this, if the dev of the rom you are going to flash insists you wipe data, then do it. To backup yout apps / data, use either MyBackup Root, or Titanium Backup from the market, both free Here is a list of roms I put together:

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