How To Install Custom Firmware on PSP Slim/Fat

A quick run through of how to install custom firmware. Buy Pandora Battery and Magic Memory Stick: (make sure u pick 1 with “CFW” in the title) DOWNLOAD FREE CFW UPDATES AND HACKS AT MY WEBSITE: I will make more vids, one for upgrading to 5.00 M33-3 (the newest CFW) and one for installing PSPTube. FAQ: Q: Can I install custom firmware without a Pandora Battery? A: NO!!!!!! (unless you have Official Firmware 1.50 or 1.00, which no one does anymore.) Q: Can I install custom firmware without a magic memory stick? A: Yes, but you’ll have to download some files and put them on your memory stick, which effectively makes it a magic memory stick. Q: How do you make a Pandora Battery or Magic Memory Stick? A: Just type that exact question into the search bar… oh and you gotta click “Search”, in case you were wondering. Q: Can I install Custom firmware, even if I have Official Sony 5.00 or 5.01? A; Finally, a reasonable question!!! Yes, believe it or not, Sony still hasn’t made a firmware that disables the Pandora Battery. You can still get CFW, no matter what Official Firmware you have. Q: I did everything you told me, but the installer won’t work. What happened? A: Either you’re incredibly stupid (more likely), or you have a TA-82 motherboard in your fat psp, which really sucks for you, because it is IMPOSSIBLE to get custom firmare on fat psp’s with TA-82. (NO SLIM PSP HAS A TA-82 MOTHERBOARD, SO DON’T EVEN BOTHER ASKING.) Q: Can you use a magic

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