How To EASILY Install Android(Froyo) on the HTC HD2 tutorial (Check description 11/24)

*Updated NOVEMBER 24, 2010 Hey everyone, I sold my Hd2 so CLICK HERE for the ULTIMATE easy to follow guide to help change your rom to remove robot voice and get android on your phone ****If you like my work i would appreciate any donations to support the efforts, click to donate via paypal and if you have ANY video tutorial request send it in the “message to seller section” thank to you ALL ALSO,ITS BEST TO DELETE THE OLD ANDROID FOLDER BEFORE INSTALLING THE NEW ANDROID FOLDER EACH TIME YOU CHANGE ANDROID ROMS TO VOID COMPATIBILITY OR BUG ISSUES, JUST USE AN APP LIKE MYBACKUP OR SOMETHING TO SAVE YOUR APPS AND STUFF BEFORE SWITCHING. Here is a quick 10 min guide to installing Android on your HD2, it wasnt stable at first so I didnt wanna make a guide and get asked a million questions since it was very buggy. NOW its more-so STABLE, ran it 2 days straight now, no freezng, no green screen of death and all the things i need works, camera, phone calls, texts, market, wifi, 3g and usb sync. Steps are simple: Preliminary: oh your HD2 go to SETTINGS, then click the lower right on MENU, then click the ALL SETTINGS tab that pops up. Go down, click on POWER, then BACKLIGHT and make sure you UNCHECK the Auto backlight option because if left on, your back-light may never go out on Android, so UNCHECk it. Also go to your task manager and make sure all running apps are CLOSED before you load android. 1. download the Froyo Rom here(DIRECT link to

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