How to download PSP Games [New Tutorial from]

*****!READ HERE!***** If you want FREE movies watch this video!: *NOTE: FOR THIS TO WORK YOU NEED CUSTOM FIRMWARE! * THIS WILL NOT WORK ON OFFICIAL FIRMWARE! “How to get Custom Firmware?” – Best way is probably to find a local PSP hacker and try contacting it or you can try it on your own, just watch this tutorial: This tutorial will explain how you can download PSP games for free and play them off your memory stick. If you find it hard to read what is in the video, just pause it! If you need any help with putting games on your PSP or any other related PSP help, contact us on PSPWarez.ORG (YouTube messages aren’t read, sorry)! wWw.PSPWarez.ORG – All What Your PSP Needs 1.) Go to wWw.PSPWarez.ORG 2.) Register. 3.) Download & Post. Please,subscribe him Thanks for watching! This video is for educational purposes only!

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