How to Download Free PSP Games, PSP Movies, & PC Games!!!

This video will show you how to download free PSP games, PSP Movies, and PC Games 1st YOU MUST HAVE CUSTOM FIRMWARE 2nd: go to this link to download PSP Game: 1. Go to the site above to download your game (pick one you want to download…(no need for sign up) 2. Game rar. files is usually download able from Ifile, Megaupload, and MediaFire. 3. After finish download the Game Rar. File (depend on game size) 4. Open game Rar. file #1 and extract it. 5. then Connect your PSP to Computer with the USB come with the PSP when purchased. 6. then put the Game File (ISO or CSO) into the ISO folder in PSP folder. 7. after finish you can play the game from your PSP. 8. for more accurate guide.. go to the SITE and check out the FAQS under PSP tab. 9. thank you to Android and others that uploaded PSP Games. Here the Link again

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