How to: CPS2PSP 2.0.6 (PHAT)

Don’t forget to rate 😉 *READ FIRST* Note: You cant do this on official Firmwares. Need to be on Custom Firmware to use. (IE 3.40oe-a2, 4.01M33-2 slim{cps2psp 2.3.1} or Phat{cps2psp 2.0.6}!!! If your not on Custom firmware then you CAN NOT use this AT ALL, and youll get the 80020148 error code!!! Also, if you ask : “how come it doesnt work?” “what version do you need to play?” “the game could not be start” “80020148 (Error code)” i will not reply back because ive already anserwed those questions. HOw to put arcade version Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Hero’s on your PSP. Im using CFW 3.40 oe-a. Roms site:

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