GUIDE : How to Install Cwcheat for PSP

Click More Info for links You can read the typed up guide from here This only works for custom firmwares. To check follow this 1. Go to your XMB (the menu of your PSP) 2. Go to System Settings. 3. Go to System Infomation 4. The software version number is the firmware number of your PSP if there is any letter right next to the number, it means you have custom firmware. If you need help on getting custom firmware use (message me, google or go to afterdawn forums.) Download Cwcheat: Download cheat database (update the database) Cwcheat site isnt updating. See here or EDIT: If 3.71 M33 does not seems to be working. Update to 5.00 M33 firmware with this guide You can manually enable it (Must have 5.00 M33-2 custom firmware). Use this link.

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