DroidX ICX Rom ICS Ice Cream Sandwich Dx Droid X 4.5.605 install review

Free Ipad 2 : droidmodderx.com Grab the Rom Here plus Themes : droidmodderx.com Note : must be on 4.5.605 and rooted, with d2bootstrap installed Note : For best battery life be sure to charge battery to 100% drain battery to 0% charge battery to 100% boot into cwr and wipe battery stats Note: to enable agile lock screen, you must go into app drawer click the icon, stop and then start again ICX is brought to you by MobileSensei and is our first taste of ice cream sandwich for the Droid X! It includes the agile lockscreen which gives it an htc sense feel, with the ics launcher for somthing totally unique. Also included are moto torch, and drocap2. The Rom has some custom walls as well. This is a solid rom and provides speed and performance!

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