Activate flash player on PSP without using wifi connection

To activate flash player on Custom Firmware without using wifi connection (i have 3.71-m33) but i believe it works on all custom firmwares. 1- Start you PSP (if you are using it then shutdown you PSP by holding Power button for 3~5 seconds and then start your PSP) 2-While your PSP is booting Press and hold R shoulder trigger button, it will take you to the recovery menu of your custom firmware. 3-GO to Registry Hacks and there you can activate flash player and WMA support for WMA audio files. 4-Exit from recovery menu. PSP will boot and congrats now you can use flash files in the browser and window media audio file for music. This will only work with custom Firmware. Dont Play with the recovery menu or you may end up with a brick PSP.

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