3.71 M33 Custom Firmware Video Tutorial

Original Quality File: www.sendspace.com This is a Video Tutorial on how to get 3.71 M33 Custom Firmware Installed on your PSP. In order to do this, you will need: -A PSP that is already running 3.52 M33-3, 3.52 M33-4, or 3.60 M33 (For Slim PSP). -The Official 3.71 Update EBOOT. -The 3.71 M33 Custom Firmware ZIP file. This Video Tutorial was based on this written guide: Link: forums.exophase.com There are links in that link to get all of the above files or you can get them from here: dl.qj.net Hope this Tutorial helps anyone that needs it! Btw, Youtube compresses quite a bit so the Video is blurry, I apologize. I recommend clicking the link next to Original Quality File to get the original Video File! 🙂

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