iBlueNova – BlueTooth File Sharing For iPhone | iPod Touch !

Website : www.mygreatiphone.com “Your Premier Source For iPhone’s And iPod’s” iBlueNova Article www.mygreatiphone.com So when the iPhone and iPod were updated to have bluetooth we were all very excited however, we soon realised that file sharing wasn’t available which was a disappointment. Well if your jailbroken and can spare $5.99 then you can get iBlueNova which gives you those capabilities. Follow Us All On Twiiter : @mygreatiphone @hoodstah @nazaroth @paplip @d900man @hittingray @greghesp @locknest95 WANNA WIN FREE PRIZES FROM SEARCHING THE NET AND STILL SUPPORT MYGREATIPHONE THE SIGN UP HERE ! swagbucks.com Thanks And Please Subscribe !

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