App Scanner 1.0

App Scanner lets you proactively find private APIs in your code before you submit to the iOS Review Team.

About App Scanner
Use App Scanner to find private APIs in your iOS code before submitting to the Apple review team. App Scanner will check your compiled app against over 24,000 possible matches and show detailed results stating the Class, method signature, and likelihood of being a private API.

App Scanner features:

– Drag ‘n Drop simplicity

– Sample iOS App

– Detailed instructions, documentation, and help files

– Apple’s review guidelines for your reading pleasure

– Frequent updates to keep pace with iOS development

– Filter rates to weed out improbable matches

– Community feedback to decrease false positives

A shareware desktop application that has a trial period of 15 days. During the trial period it is fully functional. After 15 days, users are encouraged to purchase a license in order to continue using App Scanner.

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