Accessorizer 1.7

Code generator for Objective-C, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.

About Accessorizer
Accessorizer is Xcode’s No.1 companion for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch! Accessorizer is a powerful and flexible code generator to significantly cut down your development time. Accessorizer removes the tedium of writing @property and @synthesize statements, providing a wide range of coding styles while helping you avoid common mistakes.

Accessorizer will generate explicit accessors and also help provide you with the init, keypath, keyed-archiving, indexed accessors, accessors for unordered collections such as NSSet, copyWithZone, KVO, key-validation, singleton overrides, dealloc, setNilForKey, non-standard attribute persistence (Core Data), locking, headerdoc, convert method to selector, NSUndoManager methods and more including IBOutlet Detection, setting your UIKit views to nil in -viewDidUnload {…}, sorting your ivar declarations, property and synthesize statements, -dealloc {…} and -viewDidUnload {…} methods. Accessorizer also provides a caching mechanism for the custom table when working with properties.

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