Google Chrome Beta for Mac updated – now with extensions

The last time we put on a showwas just over two months ago.We polished our Chromefor Mac! It’s at homeon anyone’s MacBook or Pro.It’s fast, and of course, we ensurethe browser will stay more secure.But some wrote a letter–they wanted it better!So cle…

The last time we put on a show
was just over two months ago.
We polished our Chrome
for Mac! It’s at home
on anyone’s MacBook or Pro.

It’s fast, and of course, we ensure
the browser will stay more secure.
But some wrote a letter–
they wanted it better!
So clearly it had to mature.

Today, we are happy to mention
on Mac, you can use that extension!
And bookmark sync too,
plus, there’s more for you
and if I still have your attention:

Read more about our release on the Google Chrome blog. If you’re as psyched as we are, you can download the new Google Chrome Beta for Mac, now with extensions, bookmark sync, cookie and bookmark managers, and more. Still not convinced? Maybe a cute foam arrow would be more persuasive:

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