Nokia Notebooks – Nokia to Launch Netbook Booklet 3G

Nokia Notebooks – Nokia to Launch Notebooks

The mobile giant Nokia is all set and geared to connect people, not with otherwise new versions of Nseries, but this time with notebooks. Behind the scenes is a technical collaboration of Nokia with Quanta and Compal, world’s largest OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Do you know that it would be Intel’s Atom Chips in Nokia notebook supplied by Quanta? So, as Nokia joined hands with Intel, something like this was bound to happen. With Acer’s announcement that it is entering into the mobile industry, Nokia wasted no time to make a giant leap to enter the notebook industry.

The buzz in the market today is that Nokia notebook will also be based on Qualcomm Snapdragon chip that would be exclusively engineered by Compal. However, one needs to keep an eye on which operating system the Nokia smartbook will be based.

So, come Q3 of 2009 and world’s notebook industry is getting hotter with big players.

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