New Dyson Air Multipliers unveiled

When the original Dyson Air Multiplier rolled up last year, everyone thought the people behind the bagless vacuum cleaner and super-efficient hand dryer had completely lost the plot. A fan, without the blades? Eh, why?


Well, never ones to be deterred, Dyson has returned with two new Air Multipliers, the AM02 Tower and AM03 Pedestal. The principle remains the same though, blasting out smooth, cool air, without the same wave-like effect you get from fans with blades.

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The AM02 Tower eschews the rounded look of the original for an oval design, with the fan itself standing a metre high, clearly with the aim of cooling off bigger spaces than the original model. The height of the entire machine can be adjusted depending on the size of the room and where you want that cooler air blown to.


The AM03 Pedestal essentially takes the desktop original and places it higher, so you can have it free-standing and taking up less space on your workstation. Ready for the price? Both cost an eye-watering £299. Seeing as summer lasts around two weeks these days, this is an investment you’ll need to think long and hard about.


Link: Dyson

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