How to play Divx videos on Windows?

DivX is so popular these days that almost all large videos and movies are published in DivX format. A movie which occupies over 3GB can be compressed to a 700MB DivX file without compromising video quality! Unfortunately DivX is not yet natively supported on Windows machines. You need download and install DivX audio and video drivers for playing these MPEG4 videos. I will show you how!

1. Xvid – DivX video driver – Xvid is an open source implementation of DivX standard on Windows. It can be used for both encoding and decoding DivX files. The best thing of course is that Xvid is free and there is NO adware packaged along with it.  Once Xvid is installed, video players will automatically use it whenever a DivX file is opened.

2. AC3Filter – DivX audio driver – A large number of DivX movies are encoded with AC3 and DTS soundtracks. In order to play them you need a custom audio decoder. AC3Filter once installed will automatically decode AC3 and DTS soundtracks embedded in a DivX movie file. So if you are not hearing any audio while playing a DivX movie, don’t panic just install AC3Filter.

3. VLC Media Player – DivX video player – Why should you use a separate media player like VLC when you have Windows media player? Well, VLC Player has advanced features for DivX playback. For example, it is possible to download a subtitle file for your movie and then configure it in VLC player. The subtitle files have the extension .srt (you can search in Google for the subtitle file of a movie). Following screenshot shows how to configure a subtitle file in VLC media player. You can also control the appearance of subtitles.

vlc subtitle configuration

Now you are all set to play DivX movies and videos on your Windows machine!

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