Apple iPad tops T3 Hot 100


2010 is shaping up to be a vintage year in gadgetry what with handsets using Google’s Android proliferating, the launch of 3D TV and the advent of controller free gaming in Microsoft’s  Natal.


But, in our humble opinion, none of  these superb advances, could match the sheer zeitgeist setting appeal of Apple’s stunning new tablet.



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It’s the fruit company’s most significant product since the iPhone and it’s a brave soul that bets against the iPad not having the same impact.


By bringing in its wake a whole wave of tablets, functioning as a ebook reader and encapsulating the move away from miniaturisation to a Goldilocks ‘just right’ size, the iPad crystallises three of this year’s tech trends.


But what do you think dear reader? Are we drinking too much of Steve Job’s Kool Aid or are we spot on?


And what do you think of the other gadgets on the Hot 100 – are we being too mean or too generous to your fav bit of kit? Let us know by checking out the  Hot 100 and having your say.

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