Hack MTS mblaze WiFi without root

mts mblaze hack

Here’s how to do it….


  1. Download Greek WiFi finder or any other related application which finds MAC Addresses
  2. Open Greek WiFi finder and copy the Mac address of MTS WiFi by holding on it for 3 seconds.
  3. Paste the mac address *IN CAPITALS in the password of MTS ( it would look like CD:A8:AF:73:71:35) just an example
  4. Delete all colons ‘ : ‘ ( now it would look like. CDA8AF737135)
  5. Delete the 1st 4 alphabets i.ee delete CDA8 (Now it would looks like AF737135 ) This is the password for MTS WiFi
  6. Note : it will only work when the victim have not changed the default password.

Activate flash player on PSP without using wifi connection

To activate flash player on Custom Firmware without using wifi connection (i have 3.71-m33) but i believe it works on all custom firmwares. 1- Start you PSP (if you are using it then shutdown you PSP by holding Power button for 3~5 seconds and then start your PSP) 2-While your PSP is booting Press and hold R shoulder trigger button, it will take you to the recovery menu of your custom firmware. 3-GO to Registry Hacks and there you can activate flash player and WMA support for WMA audio files. 4-Exit from recovery menu. PSP will boot and congrats now you can use flash files in the browser and window media audio file for music. This will only work with custom Firmware. Dont Play with the recovery menu or you may end up with a brick PSP.

FaceNiff on Android makes Facebook hacking too easy

Before you connect to that open public Wi-Fi network and log in to Facebook, you should know there’s a new app on the loose that makes it easy for a user to sniff traffic from your computer and intercept authentication tokens or credentials sent in the clear. The app is called FaceNiff, and it’ll run on any rooted Android device.

How to share Access Internet Connection from PC to Android Phone using Wifi

PC internet via android wifi Using Wi-Fi Ad-hoc networking is the best way to share internet connection between PC and your android phone. But for that, you’ll need to root your android device and change the wifi configuration file for accessing the adhoc networks. This method varies based on the wifi chipset used in your phone.

Another alternate method which can be used by almost all the android devices is by creating virtual access point’s using virtual router software. This is done using Windows 7’s wireless hosted network technology. There are currently two software’s which does this job perfectly, Virtual Router and Connectify.

Download Virtual Router or Connectify from the links given at the bottom of this article.

If you’re using Virtual Router, be sure to check the supported wifi devices as these softwares are hardware specific.

Settings for Virtual Router [PC]

Open Virtual Router software, and fill in the settings.


Enter your preferred Network Name[SSID], password and choose the internet connection you wish to share.

Click the start button to start sharing.

In the connection status, note down the IPv4 address [for eg.] as we need it to configure the android device settings later.

Also note the DNS server being used by your internet connection. For finding DNS information, just enter ipconfig/all into the command prompt.


Mobile Wifi Settings [ANDROID]

On your android device, go to Settings> Wireless and Networks> Wifi Settings

Click the advance settings.

Select the checkbox showing “Use static IP”

Enter the IP address [for eg.]

Enter the previously noted IP address [for eg.] into Gateway field.

Enter in Netmask field

Enter the previously noted DNS server address into DNS1 and DNS2 fields.

Now disable and enable wifi and then connect to wifi using password.

After connecting you can enjoy internet shared from PC on your android device using wifi.

Note: Wi-Fi Connections made with these software’s are encrypted with WPA2 and is not possible to turn it off, so as to ensure best security for the wireless hosting network feature built into window7.

Download Virtual Router [~1Mb] or Connectify [~2.2Mb]