Reliance Communications ISP Blocked website


Currently on RCom Network website showing “This site has been blocked as per instructions from Department of Telecom (DOT) .”


Workaround – Browse it anonymous

Hackers Online Attacks Nasdaq, BATS Websites

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Websites of exchange operators Nasdaq and BATS have been attacked by hackers over the last 24 hours, causing ongoing disruptions for those trying to use the sites, spokespersons for the companies said on Tuesday.

Only the banner carrying the logo at the top of the web page for was visible during repeated attempts to access Nasdaq’s site on Tuesday afternoon. Trading in Nasdaq-listed stocks has not been affected,

Anonymous – Operation Revenge Video and Transcript

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Greetings, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Government, We are Anonymous.

On Janurary, 19, 2012.
It has come to the attention of Anonymous that you have decided to buckle to the pressure of the entertainment industry and arrest 7 members of staff of [file-share site] Megaupload along with closing their website down.

Megaupload has been shutdown by you, that hosted files, movies, backups and much more. You have caused a major error in your action. You have ruined not just the users of megaupload, you have ruined companies and businesses. By doing this, you have made people angry.

And you have made us angry. Our anger shall be redirected at you.

People from around the world will be joining forces. And will be launching one of the largest cyber attacks in the history of mankind. We will be united in our common interests and we will once again be fighting for our freedom, You will not escape the wrath of our Redemption and you will not destroy anymore websites that promote free speech.

We are The redemption users.
We will not go quitely into the night.
We will not vanish without a fight.
We’re going to survive.
And we will not obey you.
So, expect our brothers, sisters, and the world.

Operation Revenge, engaged.

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We are divided by zero and many.
We do not forgive internet censorship.
We do not forget your actions.
To the United States Government, you should have expected us.

Reliance Communications ISP Blocked and other videosharing websites

Since Friday morning, scores of users connected to the internet through broadband services provided by Reliance Communications found they could not access major file-hosting websites. Instead of the website page, they were greeted with a message telling them “this site has been blocked”, complete with a line saying the message has been “copyrighted” by Reliance Entertainment.







This is the second time this year that file-hosting websites have been blocked on the Reliance network. Last time it happened was when Singham, a movie produced by Reliance Entertainment, was released. This time the trigger is reportedly the release of Don 2. Sources said Reliance Entertainment has obtained a “John Doe” order from a Delhi court against the piracy of Don 2 several days before its release. John Doe order, a term that originated in the UK, describes a court injunction that is issued against unknown offenders. It is often used in copyright and IP-related cases.

RCOM spokesperson said, “Under Section 79 of the IT Act, an ISP has to adhere to any copyright infringement notice and court crders. Given that Reliance Entertainment has obtained a specific copyright protection online piracy related Delhi high court order for Don-2, we are in full compliance of law.”

Really Blogspot blogs blocked in India?

Blogs with the domain name have been reported as inaccessible by users of certain internet service providers (ISPs) in India. Though other blogs powered by Google’s Blogger service, but having their own domain names are accessible. The block seems to be currently limited to only a few ISPs, with many users on other ISPs still being able to access freely.

Airtel has denied any blocking on its part. “We have’nt blocked any blogspot,” the company said in a post though its official Twitter account (@Airtel_Presence). Tech blogger Amit Agarwal believes that it “looks more like a glitch than a ban.”
This incident of blogs being inaccessible has brought back memories of the infamous 2006 blog block that affected most blogging services. The government had then issued directives to ISPs to block a few specific blogs and the ISPs ended up blocking entire domains leading to an online outburst.

Update: Blogspot blogs are now accessible on Airtel. The ISP denies blocking the domain.