Windows Mobile 6.5 versus Windows Phone 7

For more smartphone news and reviews: Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile are very much different. In a lot of ways, they are complete opposites. In Windows Mobile, you can customize your experience with a custom ROM or interface, plus you can change almost any aspect of the interface. In Windows Phone 7, you are limited to the interface that it comes with out of the box…you can’t even change the browser or the keyboard. Also, Windows Mobile is notoriously unstable unless you have the perfect ROM with performance tweaks. In Windows Phone 7, everything just works.

Wired Photographer Versus a Capella Singers

Here’s the background: Here’s the video “Here Comes Another Bubble” Here’s what The RichterScales Are Saying: Here’s Lane Hartwell’s POV: Here’s Lane Hartwell’s images on Flickr: (she’s made most of them private, so you’ll have to dig to find ’em… she freelances for Wired Magazine if that helps. HERE ARE MY FAVORITES MUSIC VIDEOS SO FAR (note- putting these montages up is a violation of the terms of YouTube, so do it at your own risk). NOTE: Before you make a “poor artist has rights” comment, read the TechCrunch article so you’re at least informed (the photo in question would constitute fair-use according to copyright lawyers). And this is not an artist versus a big corporation that is monetizing her stuff. This is an accomplished Wired contributor picking on some struggling a Capella musicians that did a funny video using her photo for about a second (and then crediting her the best they could). Do you suppose she credits the people in her photos, and sends them checks? PS I am obviously very supportive of artist rights. This is just bullying, and The Richter Scales can’t afford to say so without suffering a PR disaster.