12 Tips for Advanced Pokemon Go Players


The player, who goes by “_problemz” on Reddit, says he or she only cheated at Pokémon Go out of curiosity and discovered the game stops letting you progress at level 40. The requirement to jump from level 39 is 5 million XP, and the total cumulative XP required is a mind-boggling 20 million points. There’s no concrete proof except a collection of screenshots confirming the feat above…

How To Bypass Forums Registration Process

Now this is an awesome trick which everyone wants to learn about Bypassing the registration process which takes some time but it is frustrating.
We will take help of Google to Bypass this Process so follow the steps below and have FUN 🙂

1. Go to the Website which need Registration.

2. As you can see, it asks you to register to see the hidden thread or to make comments or anything Bla ! Bla !

3. Simply copy the url to the side and paste it in Google search

4. Find the link for your thread, and click the button called “Cached” to the right of it.

5. You can now see the link in the post that was previously blocked.
That’s it we hacked into the forum with the help of Google.
So enjoy this Trick and have Fun Bypassing into the Best Forums.

Windows XP DOS Commands & Tricks

DOS Command-line tools must be run at the prompt of the Cmd.exe command interpreter. To open Command Prompt, click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK.

ipconfig – Windows IP configuration
Useful for troubleshooting your internet connection.Displays the current IP address of your computer and the DNS server address. If you call your ISP for reporting a bad internet connection, he will probably ask you to run ipconfig.

fc – Free BeyondCompare in XP
FC is an advanced DOS Command that compares two files and displays the differences between them. Though the file comparison results are not as interactive as BeyondCompare or Altova DiffDog, fc is still very useful. You can even set fc to resynchronize the files after finding a mismatch.

type – open text files sans Notepad
Similar to Unix cat command, Type is my favorite DOS command for displaying the contents of a text files without modifying them. When used in combination with more switch, type splits the contents of lengthy text files into multiple pages. Avoid using the type command with binary files or you’ll hear alien PC beeps and see some greek characters on your PC.

ping – Say hello to another Computer
Ping network command followed by the web-address or IP address tells you about the health of the connection and whether the other party is responding to your handshake request. Ping tool can also be used to convert the web address to a physical IP address.

tree – visual directory structure
You often need to take prints of your physical directory structure but XP has no simple “visual” commands for printing directory contents. Here, try the Tree DOS command and redirect the output to a text file.

tree > mydirectory.txt
print mydirectory.txt

attrib – make hidden files visible
Attrib lets you change attributes of System files and even hidden files. This is great for troubleshooting Windows XP. Say your XP doesn’t boot ever since you edited that startup boot.ini file (Hidden), use attrib to remove the Hidden attibute and edit the file using EDIT dos command.

assoc – which program will open that .xyz file
The assoc DOS command can be used to either isplay or even modify the file name extension associations. The command assoc .htm will quickly tell you the name of your default web browser (see picture)

move – more flexible than copy-paste
Say you got a lot of XLS and DOC files in you MyDocuments folder and want to move only those XLS files that have their name ending with 2006. In XP Explorer, you have to manually select each file and then cut-paste to another folder. However, the DOS move command make things much simpler. Just type the following at the command prompt:
move *2006.xls c:\2006Reports\

find – advanced file search with filter
Find is the most powerful DOS command and even more useful than the Windows Desktop Search tool or the Windows Find Wizard. The find command searches for a specific string of text in a file or files. After searching the specified file or files, find displays any lines of text that contain the specified string.

To search your hard disk to find and display the file names on drive C: that contain the string “Google” use the pipe (|) to direct the results of a dir command to find as follows:
dir c:\ /s /b | find “Google”

Quick tip – Drag to avoid typing: When your command acts on a file or folder, you must type the path to that folder after the command. You can save typing time by dragging the file or folder from Windows Explorer into the command window.

To view help at the command-line, at the command prompt, type the following:
CommandName /?

How to share Access Internet Connection from PC to Android Phone using Wifi

PC internet via android wifi Using Wi-Fi Ad-hoc networking is the best way to share internet connection between PC and your android phone. But for that, you’ll need to root your android device and change the wifi configuration file for accessing the adhoc networks. This method varies based on the wifi chipset used in your phone.

Another alternate method which can be used by almost all the android devices is by creating virtual access point’s using virtual router software. This is done using Windows 7’s wireless hosted network technology. There are currently two software’s which does this job perfectly, Virtual Router and Connectify.

Download Virtual Router or Connectify from the links given at the bottom of this article.

If you’re using Virtual Router, be sure to check the supported wifi devices as these softwares are hardware specific.

Settings for Virtual Router [PC]

Open Virtual Router software, and fill in the settings.


Enter your preferred Network Name[SSID], password and choose the internet connection you wish to share.

Click the start button to start sharing.

In the connection status, note down the IPv4 address [for eg.] as we need it to configure the android device settings later.

Also note the DNS server being used by your internet connection. For finding DNS information, just enter ipconfig/all into the command prompt.


Mobile Wifi Settings [ANDROID]

On your android device, go to Settings> Wireless and Networks> Wifi Settings

Click the advance settings.

Select the checkbox showing “Use static IP”

Enter the IP address [for eg.]

Enter the previously noted IP address [for eg.] into Gateway field.

Enter in Netmask field

Enter the previously noted DNS server address into DNS1 and DNS2 fields.

Now disable and enable wifi and then connect to wifi using password.

After connecting you can enjoy internet shared from PC on your android device using wifi.

Note: Wi-Fi Connections made with these software’s are encrypted with WPA2 and is not possible to turn it off, so as to ensure best security for the wireless hosting network feature built into window7.

Download Virtual Router [~1Mb] or Connectify [~2.2Mb]