Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic Custom Firmware ‘Xtension Pro’ (Samsung OMNIA homescreen red bug test)

Hey guys, the vid u just saw, showcased an awesome custom firmware ‘Xtension Pro’. As the Samsung Omnia homescreen (flash-based) faced the annoying red bug, the idea to port it on a Nokia 5800 was being criticized. This video shows that the red bug is almost ZERO even when heavy widgets are dragged on the homescreen!! Want this on your 5800’s??? Get here and PLEASE DO APPRECIATE THE EFFORTS OF THE ORIGINAL CREATOR “UPAKUL”. LINK- Here are the omnia Gadget files- . . Dunno HOW TO FLASH???? Head here(TUTORIAL)-

This Navy Electric Railgun Annihilates Targets 100 Miles Away In Six Minutes [Video]

In the near future, US Navy ships won’t use explosive cannons. They will destroy targets 100 miles away with the monster 33-megajoules railgun shown in this video. In the words of Rear Admiral…