Vensmile MiniPC Teardown

The Vensmile W10 mini PC assists you to share photos, music and videos easily from the computer. And the multimedia files can be displayed on TV monitor, computer screen or projector. The Vensmile W10 mini PC also supports miracast and airplay technology. So it is a innovative tools for your life. You can use it to connect your home multimedia entertainment, and you can also take it to your office and other places

Xiaomi Mi 6 teardown

Xiaomi Mi 6

JerryRigEverything bills the Mi 6 as one of the sturdiest it has ever tested, survive scratch, burn, and bend tests with flying colors. But one thing that Nelson never does on his YouTube videos is test how water resistant phones are. With Xiaomi boasting of its first splash proof phone, he got interested in checking out that claim during his teardown. Without drowning the phone, of course.

It turns out, it’s not that water resistant after all and Xiaomi is more or less accurate in calling it simply splash proof. Although Xiaomi does go through the trouble of sealing holes and even removing the headphone jack for the sake of water proofing, it didn’t take the last step of sealing the USB-C port. As such, there is a rather big entry point for water and moisture to go through. Nelson rates the Mi 6 with an IP64 and hopes that the Mi 7 would do beter.

Inside a Fake Cruzer Blade 32 GB Pen Drive – Teardown

Many USB flash drives and SD cards are being sold on eBay and other auction sites at very cheap prices (too cheap!). These USB drives are usually of a high capacity (16, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB) 98% of these sellers are selling ‘fake’ USB Flash drives (fake UFDs) – either knowingly, unknowingly.

NEW! FakeFlashTest.exe – test your suspect ‘fake’ SD card or USB Flash drive in just a few minutes (rather than hours!) – read blog.

Nokia Lumia 800 Teardown – Disassemble & Reassemble – Battery & Case Replacement

Screen Change Only Screen Frame Swap Fully detailed guide that should come in handy for anyone wishing to change the case, headphone socket, speaker etc. Skip Intro: 0:27 Remove Battery 3:39 (BV-5JW 1450mAh 3.8v 5.5Wh) Same as N9 Earpiece 4:50 Hot Air Needed 5:40 Headphone Socket 9:09 Reassembly 10:42 Small Magnet 11:29 Front Microphone 13:20 Earpiece Rubber Gasket 13:56 Insert Battery 15:15 Screen on 17:33 The USB door is the same as the N9 and does ‘pull off’ but unless you have a replacement it will be floppy when you put it back on. If you turn it on before the screen is connected you will need to reset the phone by disconnecting the battery for a few seconds. I used a fan heater for the hot air to soften the glue. High Resolution Scan of the mainboard (5000×5000) 7Mb Shot with a Panasonic HDC-SD700 Scan of small circuit board **Someone asked if I could make a video on only replacing the digitizer. The AMOLED display is made of glass and is 0.45mm thick, even with my patience and experience I seriously doubt I could separate it from the digitizer without breaking it. This shows how hard it can be