Sprint HTC Touch Pro2 Windows 6.5 phone Video Tour.

Video showing you my Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 Windows 6.5 HTC Sense pro2 windows phone 7 HTC Sense means: HTC Sense is a holistic experience that is focused on improving how people live and communicate. HTC Sense is built upon three fundamental principles – make it mine, stay close, and discover the unexpected. Get a Windows phone they are more not just an App phone they are more reliable and better performance and not being restricted too much compare to other mobile phones. If you like the video please subscribe and rate so you can see more of what Windows phone can do.

Sprint Samsung Instinct Flashed to Boost Mobile

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Rooted Sprint Evo Running Custom Rom called Finisher evolution-Remix

UPDATE* THOSE WHO WANT TO USE THIS ROM AND STILL HAVE FROYO THERE IS A FROYO VERSION OF THIS HERE: forum.xda-developers.com I recently rooted my Evo once simplr Root released thr OTA edition. Once I rooted it I looked for a custom rom that I hadn’t seen before and this is what I found. It is a unique rom that you will either absolutely love or hate. I like it and wanted to share. Since I love Htc sense roms this one was perfect for me. it is called finisher evolution by Magnus Ragnarok. A lot of people complain that it is too much, but most of the other roms out their are the same as stock in design and why would I want too waste my time flashing a rom that looks like my stock rom. I like to shake things up. anyway if you like it too then here’s the download. Tell me what you think: forum.xda-developers.com **Here is the link for the vanilla lockscreen: forum.xda-developers.com

How to Root Sprint HTC Hero(flashrec method) and install custom rom

*** IMPORTANT NOTE *** I can no longer post the instructions fully on here. Please visit my thread on the XDA forums if you need help! — forum.xda-developers.com ***MAKE SURE YOU DO A NANDROID BACKUP – You can do this when you install the recovery image and boot into. You do this because if you mess up you phone, you can just restore it to its original state, with all apps, contacts, etc!! *** I have gotten many request asking me to help people get root by using the flashrec method. Although the flashrec method will not help you gain root access, it will however help install a custom rom which will be loaded with root access. I find this method to be a lot easier and less time consuming then doing the adb shell method. Use this method only if you are ok with flashing a custom rom. *** I take no credit at discovering the actual root for the phone or for the recovery image. *** *** Use at your own risk. Although i have not come across any one on forums who bricked their phone, there is sill a possibility that this can brick your phone. I take no responsibility if you brick your phone.** ***MAKE SURE YOU DO A NANDROID BACKUP – You can do this when you install the recovery image and boot into. You do this because if you mess up you phone, you can just restore it to its original state, with all apps, contacts, etc!! *** you can follow my step by step guide here as well — forum.xda-developers.com – files to be downloaded: flashrec — zenthought.org Amon RA recovery image

HTC EVO 4G from Sprint – How to Root, Recovery, Backup, Wipe, Custom Rom

If you have questions, join ppcgeeks and send me a pm or post in the thread. forum.ppcgeeks.com Don’t try getting help via the comments on youtube. This is how I rooted my EVO 4G from Sprint. Basically, this is toastcfh’s method from xda-developers. I wrote them w/ a little more detail for someone who’s totally new to Android to understand and posted them on PPCGeeks here – forum.ppcgeeks.com Here’s the thread that toastcfh made on xda – forum.xda-developers.com 1st time you root and install a custom rom, you have to use the manual recovery method. After a custom rom is installed, you can use “Rom Manager” by ClockworkMod from the Market and install roms from the program. Much easier to do. I show that step at the end of the video.