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Present your app in a realistic setting for every user. StoreShots uses the right device frame for every device class. (e.g. iPhone 6s for iPhone 6s screenshot sizes). You can choose between multiple color options or select a flat design.

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Set custom background gradients, upload your own background image, select different font styles and position the device to fit your app. Format your text with different sizes and font styles.

Localize to all languages.

Even if your app is only available in English, you should localize your description and screenshot tag lines to reach even more users worldwide.

iTunes Connect upload with Deliver.

StoreShots generates a structured export, which can be uploaded automatically with fastlane’s Deliver.

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Landscape and portrait mode

Intelligent asset selection

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Fresh Windows 8 screenshots – Advanced Task Manager

Microsoft is obviously still experimenting with different types of interface for the app, and any of the below versions, a combination of them, or something absolutely new, might be what actually releases with the full version of Windows 8 in 2012. 

 The first screenshot is the dashboard of the Advanced Task Manager, showing basic CPU, disk load, memory, and network information graphically. The second screenshot is another version of the Task Manager, seemingly touch-friendly, showing a list of programs, users, and start up items. Check them out below: