Rooted Sprint Evo Running Custom Rom called Finisher evolution-Remix

UPDATE* THOSE WHO WANT TO USE THIS ROM AND STILL HAVE FROYO THERE IS A FROYO VERSION OF THIS HERE: I recently rooted my Evo once simplr Root released thr OTA edition. Once I rooted it I looked for a custom rom that I hadn’t seen before and this is what I found. It is a unique rom that you will either absolutely love or hate. I like it and wanted to share. Since I love Htc sense roms this one was perfect for me. it is called finisher evolution by Magnus Ragnarok. A lot of people complain that it is too much, but most of the other roms out their are the same as stock in design and why would I want too waste my time flashing a rom that looks like my stock rom. I like to shake things up. anyway if you like it too then here’s the download. Tell me what you think: **Here is the link for the vanilla lockscreen:

My PSP – Running PSX/SNES/NES/PSP Games

================================ ==DO NOT ASK ME HOW TO DO THIS== ================================ This is my PSP after about 7 days of learning how to use custom firmware. I’m running 3.52M33-4 with the Vectorix theme, FFVII XMB sounds, custom NIN background with wave, custom intro, Gameboot, and an 8GB Sony memstick. The Genesis Emulator works, but so far I’ve only put Streets of Rage and Aerial – Little Mermaid on there for my girlfriend, waste of time to show that 🙂 All the PSX and PSP games run perfectly and have no issues. There is no UMD in the drive. Don’t ask me how to do this, learn yourself. Use google or