Rooted Sprint Evo Running Custom Rom called Finisher evolution-Remix

UPDATE* THOSE WHO WANT TO USE THIS ROM AND STILL HAVE FROYO THERE IS A FROYO VERSION OF THIS HERE: I recently rooted my Evo once simplr Root released thr OTA edition. Once I rooted it I looked for a custom rom that I hadn’t seen before and this is what I found. It is a unique rom that you will either absolutely love or hate. I like it and wanted to share. Since I love Htc sense roms this one was perfect for me. it is called finisher evolution by Magnus Ragnarok. A lot of people complain that it is too much, but most of the other roms out their are the same as stock in design and why would I want too waste my time flashing a rom that looks like my stock rom. I like to shake things up. anyway if you like it too then here’s the download. Tell me what you think: **Here is the link for the vanilla lockscreen:

How to flash a custom rom to your rooted AT&T HTC Inspire 4g

Links: Download first: Full Wipe 1.3: LeeDroid’s Rom: DISCLAIMER: This if for Educational Purpsoses ONLY!! You assume the risk of voiding your warranty and possibly damaging your phone beyond repair. Neither I, nor the creators of these roms, can or will be held responsible for your actions. Please note, that I have edited this video for time/size. When you first boot your new custom rom, it WILL take awhile. If you sit at the same screen for MORE THAN 10 MINUTES, then you may have a problem. If it is less than that, then JUST WAIT! If you sit at the same screen, then boot into hboot (power + vol down) and select the backup we did in the very first step. Then try AGAIN!

[ASUS Eee Pad Transformer] [Tutorial] install ClockworkMod Recovery + Custom ROOTED Rom (

Vietnamese here: if you got problem with Rooting or Install ClockworkMod Recovery after install the latest, so this is the TUT for you: – Status before follow our TUT: ur using the firmware (pls update to if you want to follow this TUT), no ROOT, you need another laptop or PC connect to our tablet using the usb cable – Download file pc_suite here: , unzip, install and wait for it auto download all the needed driver + software for your laptop, when done reboot your laptop. – Download the Android SDK here: , unzip it, let’s say c:\SDK inside c:\SDK\Tools you can find the adb.exe so it’s good to go as my video – Via your laptop open the first cmd windows, type cmd @ run, then type c:\sdk\tools – If your can see some array of number after type “adb devices” (all the command pls copy and paste without “”) then your laptop connected to your tablet. – Download the BLOB_V5 here: then extract all files inside to c:\sdk\tools 1 – back to the cmd window type: “adb push gingerbreakBB /data/local/” 2 – “adb shell” 3 – “chmod 777 /data/local/gingerbreakBB” 4 – “/data/local/gingerbreakBB” 5 – wait around 10′ if the gingerbreak return for you as the # (compare with the $ before) that mean it’s done. If it’s just return the $ so you must do as below 5a – “rm /data/local/*” 5b – power off the phone and then power on again, boot to Android repeat the step 1-4 again until you got the # (temporary root) 6 – Leave this cmd windows alone, open

Nook Color Rooted: Netflix, CM7 Tablet Tweaks, Angry Birds Rio, Launcher Pro, Gingerbread & More

Demo of my Rooted NOOK Color. Modified with Cyanogen mod 7 for the Encore using reference from XDA forums and Tablet Tweaks. This custom ROM eliminates the Barnes and Nobles UI completely and converts the Nook into a complete Android Tablet experience running Gingerbread Including full FLASH support. Demoed here: – Netflix – Launcher Pro – Google contacts enabled natively – 3D Pool – TV Shows Stream – Movies Stream – Beautiful Widgets – Simi Folder – Simi Clock – Power Amp – Honeycomb Buttons – JJ Comics – S Manga