Hak5 – Episode 402 – Spicy Reverse Engineering

In this episode of Hak5 Matt shows us how to map our networks with Spiceworks, an open source infrastructure mapping tool. Chris Gerling breaks down reverse engineering, Shannon talks about OpenDNS, and Christine has a Windows utility for everyone running multiple monitors. Free Hak5 Video Podcast on Revision3: bit.ly Revision3 Facebook Fan Page: bit.ly For more visit: revision3.com

Cutting Edge Gadgets @ Reverse Auction X5

We live in an amazingly brilliant era. With new advancements, new fields of science are constantly being explored and innovative products that exist to make our lives easier emerge every other day. These products are so overwhelmingly attractive, that they transform the way we play, work, communicate and the basically the way we live our lives. Some are merely eye candies, most come with useful functions, some are imaginatively created while some are must-haves that are fast becoming part of our daily needs and wants.

What happens when we become so enamored with owning these gadgets? Sure, we can live without them but it’s just so tempting seeing your best friend tinkering with the latest Apple iPhone. It’s so enviable when you visit your neighbor and discover the latest 42 inch Sony plasma TV right smack in their living room. And it’s simply frustrating to have that new XBOX 360 Elite set in your wish list for ages, only to find your nephew happily enjoying Halo 3 on the his new XBOX 360 in the comfort of his own room.

So what are our options, you ask. How can we obtain these deliciously high tech thingamajigs? Well, you could always try online shopping sites such as eBay. These auction sites require you to place the highest bids until you are deemed the winner, but usually this involves a lot of auction sniping and waiting till the last minute, only to find that you’ve been outbid by a meager $ 0.10! How maddening could that be?

The good news is that, eBay is not the only auction site you can rely on to purchase affordable gadgets you’ve always dreamed about. Now, there’s an even more innovative way to get absolutely cheaper gadgets for a fraction of their retail prices.

At www.X5.com.au, the latest leading reverse auction site in the world, you’ll find a world of great gadget bargains; all available with a mere submission of your lowest unique bid. You might just bring home the gadget you’ve always yearned for. X5 spoils you with an excellent range of gadgets, whether it’s gleaming new Sony PS3, the stunning new iPod Touch or the stupendous Nintendo Wii console, you can add to your gadget hoard by making the lowest unique bid in the X5 reverse auction’s featured Reverse Timed Auctions. Pay a minimal amount, make the lowest unique bid and voila, you might just find that temptingly desirable XBOX 360 console sent to your doorstep as soon as tomorrow!

Why should you trust that the X5 reverse auction sites would guarantee you an exceptional bidding experience? Traditionally, conventional auction sites like eBay could be your answer in getting cheaper gadgets but how much cheaper? $ 5 cheaper? $ 50? If you think is a bargain, think again. With X5 reverse auctions, you can achieve total savings of up to 99% for any item you bid on! Imagine giving yourself a spanking new Sony PSP and paying only $ 2.39 for this must-have gadget! What you need to do, is suggest a unique bid and if that is deemed the lowest among them all, you get to own that lovely gadget all to yourself!

So why delay? Head on ASAP to www.X5.com.au, register yourself and get ready for the bidding experience of your lifetime. This is definitely THE ultimate reverse auction site with a difference, and your key to getting much, MUCH cheaper gadgets you’ve always craved for. Now you need not envy your friends. In fact, you can proudly boast that you got your coveted gadget for only $ 3.14 !

John Woo