How to Remove line breaks _x000D_ from Excel data sheet

1 – Select the cell(s) that contain line breaks you wish to remove

2 – Press CTRL + H on your keyboard. This opens up the “Find and Replace” dialog box.

3 – In the field “Find what” where you would normally type the word/text you want to replace, you need to enter the following : ALT + 010
>>> Keep the ALT key pressed, while typing 010 using the number keypad of your keyboard (problem if you’re working on a laptop, keyboard doesn’t include number pad). You should then see a dot appear briefly then disappear in the field “Find what”.

4 – In the field “Replace with”, just enter a space (a normal blank space using your keyboard space bar)

5 – Hit “Replace All”, and all your line breaks should be gone.

How to Remove / Clear Stored Password in Windows XP / Windows 7

Windows OS stores your user names and passwords on your PC so that you don’t have to reenter the information for web sites and configured applications.

Solution 1:
Start – Run –
Type “rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr” Click Ok
Stored User Names And Passwords Window will appear
Select and Click Remove to Remove any stored account information.














Solution 2:
Start | Control Panel | User Accounts. Click the Advanced tab and then the Manage Passwords button.

To clear information from Internet Explorer, click Tools | Internet Options. Select the Content tab and click AutoComplete. Click Clear Forms and Clear Passwords. You should also remove all checkboxes on the AutoComplete screen.

OldChromeRemover – Uninstall/Remove Frees Up Disk Space Used by Old Versions of Chrome

Chrome stores old versions on your hard drive, which can eventually take up lots of space. OldChromeRemover is a simple app that will free that space back up for you.

OldChromeRemover is a free download, Windows only. Note that if you use multiple Chrome versions, like Canary and Stable, you don’t want to use this, as it will delete one of them. Only use this if you have one version of Chrome installed.

OldChromeRemover | via GHacks

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