Alternating Prediction Card Trick Revealed

Amazing mathematical card trick will always work. Write a Prediction (11) on a piece of paper and fold it in full view of spectator. Have spectator take cards either under a table or behind their back and reverse the top two cards then either cut the cards or flip the deck and reverse the top two cards. They can do this as many times as they like. Spectator then hands you back the deck which you DO NOT look at and place the cards behind your back. You then REVERSE ALTERNATE the cards and flip the top card over. When you bring the deck from behind your back if the Top card is Face Up there will be 11 face up cards and if the top card is Face Down there will be 11 face down cards. This Card Trick will work with any even amount of cards, and the prediction will be 1 more than half the amount of cards *** Don’t Forget to Flip the top card before bring the deck into view.