How to remove Antivirus Plus for Free

This is a totally free and working solution to remove Antivirus Plus and any other fake rogue antivirus/antispyware programs. Antivirus Plus is a very dangeorus scam-program, showing fake results, annoys the user with lots of popups, disables acces to real security sites making the user buy it. A very good removal tool to remove Antivirus Plus is Malwarebytes Antimalware. It works for many other rogue antiviruses, not just for Antivirus Plus. In the video, I am working with a Virtual PC. The antimalwares I am using to clean the computer are Malwarebytes antimalware and SuperAntiSpyware free edition. You can download/buy these softwares from: Malwarebytes – SUPERAntiSpyware – They are both downloadable for free, and they can remove any kind of disturbing rogue antivirus program you have. Hope this helps all of you. If this helped you to remove Antivirus Plus, then please send me 1 dollar on my money bookers account: [email protected] . Thank you in advance.