How to Backup your Gmail Inbox Online

. Create a new Gmail account and under Settings –> Accounts and Import –> Check mail using POP3 –> Add POP3 email account, enter the email address of your main Gmail account that you want to backup.

Within an hour or so, the online mail fetcher program will pull messages from your main Gmail account and will copy them to your new “backup” account. In my limited testing, I found that Gmail’s mail fetcher left all the messages that were either “read” or have been previously downloaded by another POP3 client so it’s not “true backup.”

That brings us to another alternative – copy your Gmail mailbox to Windows Live Hotmail. While you can add a Gmail account to Hotmail using POP3 (just like Gmail’s mail fetcher), there’s a much better and reliable option out there for copying emails from Gmail into Hotmail and it’s called TrueSwitch.

Setup a new Hotmail account and TrueSwitch, an awesome web-based email account migration service, will copy all your emails and attachments from Gmail to your new Hotmail address. If you have a relatively large Gmail Inbox, the backup process might take up to 24 hours but you’ll get an email as soon as the transfer is complete.

Like Gmail, Hotmail too offers “expanding” storage so it can possibly fit your large Google inbox as well. You can then add your Gmail address to Hotmail (click “Add an email account” in the sidebar) and this will ensure that new messages that land in your Gmail inbox in the future are also saved in Hotmail.

That said, both the services discussed above have one common drawback – they’ll always backup your entire Gmail mailbox and you cannot limit the backup process to a specific set of folders (or labels in Gmail). So if you have a fairly large mailbox and don’t want to backup each and every Gmail folder (or label), try Backupify.

Backupify, as you know, can backup your online accounts (including Gmail) to Amazon S3 and a unique point about Backupify is that it lets you specify labels that should be included in the backup process. The messages are stored in the cloud as EML files that you can view inside Outlook or, you can change the .eml extension to .mht, and read the file inside IE.

Backupify supports XOauth so you can add your Gmail account to the service without having to share your Google Account credentials. They are not using a very practical format for saving messages but the advantage is that Backupify will scan your selected mailbox folders every single day for new emails and will archive them automatically.

EVE Online Hacks – What Not To Do

Hacks, on EVE Online, are clear violations of the terms of service for using the game and maintaining an account. If you’re considering doing an EVE Online hack, understand that everything you’re doing can, and ultimately will, result in your account being shut down. You won’t get a refund of funds played, the account will get shut down, no questions asked or answered. That little “I agree” button you clicked when you set up the account came at the end of a license agreement that spells out the penalties in full measure.

That being said, if you think you can get away with it (you can’t), there are a few EVE Online hacks that work for short periods of time, and can be used to close the gap on other players.

The first hack is using database analysis tools whenever a new patch comes out to go sniffing for universe database exploits. You need a hex editor and some decent technical knowhow to make this work, but you’re basically trying to use the database files downloaded to your computer to “sniff” for new sectors or changes to existing sectors, to find the resources before everyone else does. This requires that you be one of the very first people out there to download a patch, and requires enough additional work that the benefit is probably pretty minimal. Related to this is trying to find malformed tables in the download for exploits – sometimes, these can be treated as invisible gates to new regions. Beware – sometimes those gates are one-way gates and you may get stuck in a place with no way home.

The second hack is trying to compromise another player’s account, to steal in game resources. This is definitely risky in terms of account deletion. It’s also risky in terms of actual, honest to god fraud. Doing this EVE Online hack can actually put you behind bars, because it’s considered electronic funds fraud, even by proxy or remove. So before you try doing EVE Online hacks, think very carefully about the consequences of getting caught.

All in all, trying to do EVE Online hacks is a great way to get your account nuked and lose all the fun of playing this great game with 500,000 of your fiercest competitors on a 5,000 star galaxy. You won’t enjoy the rewards if you cheated to get them, so do it honest. EVE Online hacks are cheating, and cheaters never prosper.

Tom Kranz has written articles on EVE Online ships and the EVE Online free trial which is available, as well as a number of EVE Online guides.

Tips To Establish An Online Presence – Blogging

Tips to Establish an Online Presence – Blogging
Your Google CV is vitally important to your online brand and as a result you will need to strive to occupy as many of the listings on page one of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) as possible. There are a variety of ways to achieve this and we will be looking at a new set of tips to help you establish and heighten your online presence each week.
A Quick Look at Blogging
Derived from the word weblog, a blog is essentially a website that sports continuously updated information in the form of posts that are displayed in reverse chronological order. Typically a blog will sport the following features: content area, title, comment area, an archive of older posts and a feed which users can use to subscribe to it.
A blog allows individuals the opportunity to foster an online identity, engage with a community and establish themselves as experts in a given arena. Blogs enable you to participate in conversations taking place in your industry or area of specialisation as well as allow you to build your own voice – all the while heightening your web presence.
To promote yourself online via blogging you will need to implement a solid blog strategy. Think about the goals you want your blog to achieve and ensure that each post is geared at achieving them. But remember, a blog can not be a purely promotional tool – if readers wanted information on you or your offering exclusively they’d visit your website.

Better Blogging Tips
There are millions of blogs in existence with new blogs being launched every second. But not all blogs are created equally, in fact more than half of the blogs launched don’t make it past the first three months. If you are serious about utilising blogging to establish an online presence, you will need to make a commitment to do just that. Blogging does take work, but the rewards are worth it.
In order to make sure that your blog is attracting readers and that its profile (and by association yours) is being raised daily, you’ll need to pay special attention to the flowing tips for better blogging.

Promote your blog – With millions of blogs in existence, you’ll need to promote your blog in order to attract readers. There are many ways in which you can promote your blog. Listing your blog in blog directories like Blog Hub, Technorati and Bloglisting is a good start.
Using your preferred social networking or business networking site is another excellent way of alerting your friends, colleagues and clients to the existence of your blog and where they can find it. Your blog will be tied in to your professional self – the “you” that you want potential clients, invertors or employers to meet. If you are in the online marketing game, a link to your blog which details your daily TV viewing habits should be scrapped in favour of a blog which offers insight into your industry.
Participate – Conversation is key to blogging. You need to not only participate with your audience, but with other bloggers operating in your sphere too. By leaving insightful comments on other blogs the authors, or their readers, may follow the link back to your blog and if they like what they see chances are that they will come back.
Frequency – Posting too often may overwhelm readers and posting too infrequently may mean that your readers will come back, find nothing new and as a result not come back again. A post a day is ideal, but very few individuals have that kind of time on their hands. Try for at least three new posts each week.
Good content – How many times have you heard that content is king – well, it’s true as long as it’s good content. If your readers are gaining value by visiting your blog and if you are giving them what they are looking for they will come back. Use the feedback you receive via the comments in order to tailor posts to your audience. You can also introduce features, like our weekly online promotion tips. It’s important to try things out and re-evaluate your blog strategy as you go.
SEO – Search engine optimisation is an eMarketing tactic which sees bloggers and website owners optimising their sites for certain search phrases in order to get their sites listed as high up on the SERPs as possible. You may want to conduct some key phrase research and ensure that your posts target those pages. The higher up you are on the SERPs the more likely searchers are to find your blog. Keep an eye out on our blog for future posts that will guide you through the process of utilising SEO to build your online presence.

Monitor – The sheer amount of consumer generated media has made online reputation monitoring essential. Ensure that you are tracking what is being said about you online so that you can be aware and respond accordingly.
Good luck and happy blogging!
About the Author
By allowing you to create or improve your online presence, Lookup Page can help you to take control of your Google CV and start branding yourself online. Visit the blog for more tips on how to build your Google CV and increase your online visibility.

By allowing you to create or improve your online presence, Lookup Page can help you to take control of your Google CV and start branding yourself online. Visit the blog for more tips on how to build your Google CV and increase your online visibility.

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