OnePlus referral program – Get CA$30 towards accessories

OnePlus Referral Program

In a forum post on Friday, a OnePlus staff member provided details for a new referral program.

Share your unique referral link with friends. Each friend will get CA$30 towards accessories when they buy a OnePlus smartphone on You’ll get 100 referral points. Terms

OnePlus introducing a new referral program. Anyone who’s ever bought a OnePlus smartphone past, present, or future, can get a unique referral link. Once you’ve got a link, just share it with someone interested in buying a OnePlus device and wait for them to hit the order button. If your friend uses your link to purchase a OnePlus smartphone, they’ll receive $20 – or an equivalent amount in your local currency – off on an accessory of their choosing. No more than 30 days later, we’ll drop 100 referral points in your referral hub.

How it all works

Step 1: After you order a OnePlus smartphone, get your unique referral link. Then share it with friends, or post your link on social media.
Step 2: Your friend(s) will receive CA$30 off of accessories and gear when they use your link to purchase a OnePlus smartphone.
Step 3: You will receive 100 referral points after your friend purchases a OnePlus smartphone using your link. (Note: please allow up to 30 days for referral points to be added to your account.)
Step 4: Visit your referral hub to view and spend your referral points on OnePlus gear, accessories and coupons.


Redeem points

Spend your points here! Be sure to invite more friends to get bigger rewards.

OnePlus Referral Program Terms & Conditions

OnePlus 3 leaked online

In what appears to be a separate leak, tipster upleaks has pointed out that the OnePlus 3 will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset but will still stick to its Full HD display. While the reasons for this are unknown, the Snapdragon 820 chipset does hint at something else, Sense ID fingerprint reading by Qualcomm.

December 8 evening, well-known people brokeupleaks revealed a plus phone works machine 3 has been developed is completed, the processor model MSM8896 (Snapdragon 820), and adopted the 1080p display. According to Xiao Long 820 processor time commercial point of view, it should also be a plus phone 3 debut in next year.

There are just a few surprises that OnePlus might through in. These include Secondary Camera Full HD recording, Fast Charging and NFC. It’s also hard to believe there won’t be ANY biometric scan option included.