PSP to DS Multiplayer Quake (How-to)

This is a video proving you can play PSP to DS multiplayer Quake, and how to do it yourself. QuakeDS: Quake PSP: You’ll need a homebrew enabled PSP (through the 1.5 firmware or a custom firmware) and a homebrew enabled DS (a Flashme DS with a cart, or Superkey etc). You can just use the shareware version of Quake, I used the commercial version but whatever. Run your quake binary (be it WinQuake, GLQuake, Tenebrae, Darkplaces, whatever) with -dedicated on the command line to start a dedicated server on your PC. A listen server generates too much lag. Honors: #9 – Most Viewed (Today) – Gadgets & Games #56 – Most Viewed (This Week) – Gadgets & Games #100 – Top Rated (Today) – Gadgets & Games #59 – Top Favorites (Today) – Gadgets & Games #38 – Most Linked (This Week) – Gadgets & Games

PSP Original and PSP Slim Wireless SNES Multiplayer

My PSP Original and PSP Slim playing SNES Ad-hoc multi player together! In this short video, I demonstrate the wireless multi player feature with the game: Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World. PSP Slim is player 1 playing as Mario while PSP Original is player 2 using Luigi. Both PSP’s are using the Snes TYL 0.4.2 emulator with custom firmwares to achieve wireless SNES play. Enjoy the video and don’t mind my quick deaths, because I wanted to switch players quicker and to play on both PSP’s 😉 PSP Original (top) is on firmware 3.52 m33-4. PSP Slim (bottom) is on firmware 3.60 m33 Get latest psp snes emulator(s) at: Update 1: Both PSP’s are now running custom firmware 3.90 m33-2 and the wireless SNES multiplayer still plays! Update 2: Do to allot of people experiencing black screens during Ad-hoc play, I have decided to link directly to the main emulators I use: (psp slim or original) (psp original with 1.50 kernel) Update 3: Due to the age of this video, the information and links presented in it might no longer be valid or useful for modern PSP homebrew.

Grand theft Auto Vice City Stories Stunt Show PSP HQ [Cheatdevice + Multiplayer] Unfinished

Watch in HQ! Rate, Comment & Subscribe for more videos!!! Deutsch? Unten lesen! ————————————— English: ————————————— GTA VCS stunts with Cheatdevice made by me, theadultshocker. Sorry for it taking so long – my PSP sometimes crashes ;-( Please don’t copy this Video – it has been much work for me! The Song isPhil Collins Easy Lover For the Cheat Device by Edison Carter youll need a PSP with Custom Firmware (CFW), and im not gonna show you how to get it, use Google or Youtubes Search Engine. I have the 5.00m33-6 because i couldn’t donwgrade to 3.71m33 x. Download the Cheatdevice at: You need the US Version of VCS Use at your Own Risk^^ Download MP- Compartible Cheats: ————————————— Deutsch: ————————————— Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories Stunts mit Cheatdevice von mir, theadultshocker2, gemacht Es hat länger gedauert, da sich meine PSP oft Aufgehängt hat ;-( Bitte dieses Video oder Teile davon nicht kopieren, da es viel Arbeit für mich war! Song: Phil Collins – Easy Lover Für das cheatdevice ( braucht eure PSP eine so genannte Custom Firmware (CFW), falls ihr keine habt, sucht einfach hier auf YouTube oder auf google. Ich verwende die 5.00m33-6, da ich nicht auf 3.71m33 x downgraden konnte. Cheatdevice Downloadlink: Benutzung von Cheatdevice auf eigene gefahr (es kann eigentlich gar nichts

The Best Multi-Player Shooters From 2009!!!! – CO-OP

It’s a CO-OP roundtable on what makes multiplayer shooters so special. Why do some succeed and others fail? Join as we go over some of the biggest shooters of this year and yesteryear and try to get to the bottom of what makes some stick while others flounder. Also, big thanks to Astro Gaming for providing the freakin’ awesome 5.1 headsets used in this week’s show.