Old WIP PSP Mod, LEDs, CHrome

I did some mods to my newest PSP i am waiting on a New Jewel atm and then im gonna put a chome door on. And then put some leds to light the Jewel up. Mods done- *Sound Reactive Trigers *Sound Reactive Leds in Speaker Holes *Chrome Faceplate *Custom Firmware *Superman Jewel *White Charge LED *Blue Power LED *Blue WIFI and Memory Stick Inicator

It Costs $82,000 to Light the One Million Christmas Lights at this House [Christmaslights]

The Faucher Family in Delaware have built extravagant Christmas lights setups for 25 years now. How extravagant? They use 1,000,000 lights. So how much does it cost them to run the lights for …