Xbox 360 Update | Flashed Console owners BEWARE!!! Dashboard 2.0.13140.0 What you NEED to know!

————————→ FaceBook Twitter @ITZLUPO → LIKE THE FACEBOOK PAGE! ← @ITZLUPO ►►►Read First◄◄◄ Alright what is up everyone giving you Guys a quick heads up on what to expect with this new dashboard coming up in the next few weeks and for everyone currently on the beta build. And to address additional Questions I Made some topics followed by answers below Question. Q: What is a flashed or Drive modded console? A: Flashed consoles or Chipped consoles are modifying the drives firmware to run Backups of Xbox 360 Games. Q: What will this effect? A: People who currently own a flashed Xbox 360 Console and for people who Are looking into flashing there consoles Drive Firmware Q: What Is antipiracy 2.5? A: Anti-Piracy version 2.5 is the newest addition by Microsoft to detect custom DVD Drive firmware and is included in the new Kinect dashboard. This check has been included for some time but hasn’t been activated until Kinect. This authentication blocks backups from being loaded and displays a message that states ” This disc is unreadable.” which looks like this Q: Will I have to re flash my Drive after this update? A: Yes and not only that there is a possibility That we will HAVE to re download and re-run our Games in a later version of ABGX360 for the AP2.5 Patche’s as thus Microsoft is slowly implementing AP2.5 across all games, Meaning we will have to re burn current games some time soon. Q: I am on a non

Poker Stars Hacks – Learn Everything You Need to Know Today!

Poker can be an amazing game especially with today’s improvements. Since technology continues to improve, playing poker is now more enjoyable for its players. Online poker games are getting more and more popular and had an incredible increase in demand. You may already be familiar with the site Pokerstars since it is the largest one present today and if you want to win big in Pokererstars then you have to start learning how the game is played online.

Searching for resources in playing poker can be easy. As mentioned, the improvements in technology can make a person’s life even easier. You will only have to search the Internet for possible tips and tricks and you can already access them in no time. It will depend on your eagerness to learn how to play and win the game.

With this, wouldn’t you want to learn more about poker and even get a chance to know Poker Stars Hacks? Having the right strategy in playing poker is important so you have to make sure that you check out what is offered for you. Since there are ways to achieve a better deal in poker, you should try them out. It would be better to exert an extra effort and learn the Poker Stars Hacks if the result will make you win big time. The strategies are helpful but when Poker Stars Hacks are available for you, it should then be preferred. It can make you win easily and the process can also be learned fast.

The Poker Stars Hacks will help you a lot in winning poker. The game can make you think and guessing about your bet will sometimes cause you more trouble. Most individuals would say that you need to learn the proper strategy. But this may not be easy as there are different poker players and guessing may not always lead you to your success. The players can seem predictable but you can be surprised how much you are earning or losing. When it comes to poker, playing should not be based on guesses and hunches. When you have the Poker Stars Hacks with you, you will then learn the proper styles and strategies that can lead you to a better deal. This can also make you a consistent winner or even get you to that big pot. You will know the tricks and you can also have a better assessment on your bets.

Poker can be full of tricks. You can bluff around but you should also think about how your opponents play. They also have the option of bluffing or thinking the way that you do. To achieve success, you need to ensure that you only trust the system that is already proven by others to work. Again, guessing may work but the risk can be high. You need to have a basis and if your opponents have the capacity to bluff during the game, there are also some systems that are not worth your money as they are plain bluff.

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How To Know If You Should Start A Blog

It is believed by most experts that blogging is a financial mistake for most small businesses. Blogs are best used for news-oriented sites, or sites that feature “the latest” or “the thought of the day.”

However, blogging can also be a strong “add-on” to a successful, profitable website. For this reason, we will examine how to look at blogging vs having a website and how to know if you should start a blog.

Several companies offer blogging software, and Blogger is probably the most widely used free blogging platform available. Blogger, owned by Google, allows you to set up a blog quickly using its design templates. Other widely used blogging software include WordPress and TypePad.

Blogs must be updated frequently — several times a week, if not daily or even several times a day — in order to hold readers’ attention. Bloggers must scrupulously adhere to the golden rule of blogging: “Thou must update frequently.”

It is a time-consuming process because people who read blogs expect a certain amount of fresh content on a regular basis — at a minimum, weekly — preferably several times a week. This is not true of a theme-based website.

Blogging should definitely be used in combination with other marketing methods and not in isolation. They should NOT be used to build career momentum because they are not right for everyone — especially if you don’t have a strong viewpoint or valuable information to share.

Blog posts, in contrast to conventional websites, do not have a specific order. The software lacks what businesses do need to actually make money (which is the ultimate goal). They interlink to each other with gusto, creating what they call “the blogosphere.

Ultimately, they merely keep adding new posts, one after another, without editing out the old and without pulling related posts together into cohesive and fresh articles whereas, theme-based content sites develop and update the content into more complete, useful, cohesive articles called “web pages.”

Bloggers rave about how blogs are “more dynamic” and “promote conversations,” but many prominent bloggers turn commenting off! This communication medium is heavily covered by both online and offline media because they “get” the concept.

Bloggers, of course, form part of the online media and is actually for a very small percent of the population. It has become very popular in the last few years and even the most non-technical of netpreneur are now using a blog to promote their businesses.

Blogs have come a long way in a very short time, but again, they’re not for everyone. A lot of people don’t want to read their own company blogs. It has to fit into the corporate culture.

Blogs about your company and your products may sound interesting to you, but people rarely tune into a “commercial” blog unless there is additional information of real value.

Blogging may not be suitable for all small businesses, say blogging experts in a New York Times report. However, they do provide a simple way for family and friends to stay connected from different parts of the world by sharing stories, photos, videos and more.

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The Ultimate Blogging Secrets That you Never Know for Year 2008

Blogging has become more and more popular these days, people are looking for ways how they can improve their blogs so that more people know about their blog and can hence visit their blog. I believe that you can find a lot of blogging tips, guides and even secrets in the search engine, blogging has become one of the most-seek topic because everyone blogs.

So what are the ultimate blogging secrets? In my opinion, those blogging tips such as submit your blog to Technorati, post constantly, get a FeedBurner account, submit your posts to social networking sites, ping your blog and many more are not secrets anymore. This is because by simply typing ‘blogging tips’ in the search engine, you will come out with tons of results of the same kind. Almost every bloggers out there knows about these tips and guides.

So what I’m going to tell you here about the ultimate blogging secrets are something much more ‘mental’, it is more to your mindset rather than something like all the blogging tips that you can find from the net itself. Therefore, for me, the ultimate blogging secrets are:

Secret #1 – Know why you blog

Know the reason that you blog. Everything happens for a reason, and if you create a blog today, there must be a reason for you. So, why did you blog? Is it because you are just following the trend? You see a lot of people are playing with blogs, and you decide to join them as well? Or is it that you want to earn money from your blog? Whatever reason it is, there must be a reason; you have to find this reason.

Once you know why you blog, then nothing can ever stop you. Just like if the reason you blog is because that you want to create an extra stream of income online, then do whatever it takes to achieve it. It is the purpose that keeps you going, motivates you, inspires you and keeps you moving forward. Today, if you don’t know why you blog, it is most likely you are going to give up the moment you find that nobody actually visits your blog.

That is why the reason is important. Know why you blog before you start creating your blog. This is just like having a clear goal, if you have a goal, you will know where you are heading. However, if you don’t have a clear goal, you will be lost somewhere. If you don’t even know where you wanted to go, how can you ever reach somewhere?

Secret #2 – Serve your readers

Many people did not know about this. Did you know that the reason people visit your blog is because of the information that you have? Therefore, the main purpose visitors arrive at your blog is because of your content, so you will have to write quality posts. You will have to serve your readers. This is the one question that you have to ask yourself, “Are you willing to do whatever it takes to educate your readers and without asking for anything in return?” If your answer is yes, then you should start creating your blog right now.

Just imagine that if someone arrives to your blog, but your blog contains nothing, your visitors will leave immediately, because your blog has got nothing that they are looking for. I like to use this word when I talk about serving your readers, Value. Yes, you have to create value for your readers, the more value you created for them, the more likely they will addict to your blog, and thus, follow your advice, and purchase whatever you recommend to them.

This is how it works; creating value for your readers, provide something that they are looking for. I know you’ve heard this, ‘content is king’. This is very true, your blog content is just like the heart of your blog, and the traffic is blood. Without the heart, your blog will die, and without the blood, you blog cannot live. So, often bring out valuable posts for your readers, write with original content and your readers will appreciate it.

Secret #3 – Treat their blog as a get-rich-quick scheme

I believe that almost 50 percent of people who start their blogs with the reason that they hope they can make some money out from their blog, fast. If you think it this way, then you are wrong, blogging is not something that can bring you money in a fast way. In fact, blogging is something just like real-estate, it will appreciate over time.

Meaning that you have to spend time and develop your blog. Your blog is not a money tree and it cannot earn you any money if you don’t develop it properly. Most people start their blog and wish that they can make some money out of it; this is because they have heard that many bloggers are making a lot of money from their blog, easily. They think that by simply setting up a blog, throw some posts in it, set up Google Adsense, and checks will come to them automatically.

If you think that blog is something that can make you rich in a quick way, you are wrong. Indeed that some people can earn a lot of money from their blog in just a short period of time, but did you really think that they are just lucky? You have to spend a lot of time to build your blog, you have to treat your blog as a serious business if you really want to make money from it.

There you go, the 3 blogging secrets that you never know about. Well, maybe you’ve already known about these, but in my opinion, these secrets are also important compare with other blogging tips such as submitting to Technorati, pinging, bookmark, etc. I hope that this article can help you achieve much more in your blog.

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