Apple iTunes Store, debuts in India, selling songs at Rs 7


The iTunes Store service has been a hit in the US and elsewhere, where users can buy popular music for as cheap as 99 cents a piece, has so far not been accessible for users in India. However, now Indian users can buy and pay for these content in local currency.

The latest Salman Khan movie Ek Tha Tiger, for instance, can be bought for Rs 290 or rented for Rs 80 on the iTunes store. Individual songs from new movie Dabang2 can be bought for Rs 12 a piece, opening up a huge content-sales opportunity for the Cupertino, California-based company whose expensive phones and tablet devices do not sell in huge volumes in India, a value-conscious market.

Compared to other countries, pricing in India seems pretty reasonable. Single songs are priced between Rs 7 and Rs 15 and albums start from Rs 70. [On Flipkart, a single song costs you Rs 15]

Check out the new Apple India iTunes store here.

Fingerzilla – Inert Soap

Fingerzilla artwork


Inert Soap

Genre: Games

Price: Free

Release Date: February 13, 2010

Fingerzilla — in collaboration with Fingerzilla will be FREE today and today only!

Fingerzilla is a fast-paced, explosive game of utter destruction. Using your own finger(zilla), rain fiery chaos down upon buildings, cars, and people. The interface is simple, but the joy of squashing your boss is priceless!

Fingerzilla includes:
* Dozens of destructive combos to unleash destruction on the masses.
* Named victims to making chomping all the more fun.
* Rampage through a suite of levels of varying difficulty and duration.
* Scores and stats of all kinds, saved permanently between games.
* OpenFeint 2.4 support for online high scores and achievements.
* Variety of buildings to smash into rubble.
* Incredible B-movie sound and visual effects!

© 2009 Inert Soap

Racing Live™ – 28 Prestige Points – Storm8

Racing Live™ - 28 Prestige Points artwork

Racing Live™ – 28 Prestige Points


Genre: Games

Price: Free

Release Date: March 07, 2010

**** Racing Live™ reached #1 in the App Store ****

** LIMITED TIME PROMOTION! Get Racing Live™ plus 28 Prestige Points for FREE! **

Start as a novice street racer and work your way up to become the king of the roads in the Racing Live world!

– Massively Multiplayer ONLINE Racing Game!
– Join over 4.2 million players!
– FREE updates with new races, cars, car parts, and more!
– Race other players LIVE
– Show off your racing skills with the best cars and performance upgrades
– Acquire real estate and earn sweet income from them to upgrade your vehicles
– Bring your friends into your crew to make you better
– Enjoy gorgeous graphics
– Enjoy realistic racing sounds
– Perform numerous street jobs
– Win more cars by doing races
– Get real time updates
– Comment on other racers
– Broadcast messages to your crew
– …and much, much more!

– This is an online game only. iPod Touch users must be connected to WiFi in order to play.


© 2010 Storm8, Inc.

What does MY NAME MEAN? – Sexy Fun Dating

What does MY NAME MEAN? artwork

What does MY NAME MEAN?

Sexy Fun Dating

Genre: Entertainment

Price: Free

Release Date: December 18, 2009

What does your name mean? Find out the meaning and origin of your name – 1000+ names listed!

HEY- Want your name on here?? Post it in the comments and we'll put it in, YAY! LOL 😉

© Sexy Fun Dating

Slingshot Cowboy – Digital Prunes, Inc.

Slingshot Cowboy artwork

Slingshot Cowboy

Digital Prunes, Inc.

Genre: Games

Price: Free

Release Date: July 18, 2009

*** #1 Action Arcade game in August worldwide ***
Over 3,500,000 downloads and counting
Slingshot Cowboy Plus was featured in the
App Store's WHAT WE'RE PLAYING list!

Slingshot Cowboy Plus was featured in the App Store's HOT NEW GAMES list!
Ever wanted to tip a cow? Well, this is yer lucky day, partner. With our laser-equipped magic slingshot you can tip all them mad cows as they amble across your screen. Find out just how much mischief you can cause with a slingshot – if you're good that is. But be sure to watch out for stampeding bulls – miss just one and you're history!

"I'm having a ton of fun in the timed race mode", GamersInfo
"You'll love the visual effects", iPhone-App-Reviews
"If you are looking for a game that will bring a good challenge, check out Slingshot Cowboy", CasualGamerChick

Slingshot Cowboy offers:
– Disney-quality graphics and soundtrack
– Accelerometer based aiming
– 6 levels with increasing difficulty
– 3 different game modes
– Power up-carrying Gophers
– Bonus Stampede rounds
– Laser aiming assistance
– Global scoreboard that lets you compete against your friends or the whole world

Also available on Appstore Slingshot Cowboy Plus that adds:
– Additional levels in fun new locations
– Additional power ups

Controls: Use your finger to pull back on the rubber band and launch stones. The farther back you pull, the farther your stone will fly!

Tip: Tilt the iPhone like it is your slingshot handle to change the trajectory and make targets in the back of the field easier to hit! Far away targets are worth the most points.

Questions / suggestions – email us at [email protected]

Happy cow-tipping!

© 2009 Digital Prunes Inc.