Anonymous forced Facebook offline

Facebook admitted they experienced problems in a statement.

“Earlier today, some users briefly experienced issues loading the site. The issues have since been resolved and everyone should now have access to Facebook. We apologize for any inconvenience,” the company’s announcement said.

An attack orchestrated by the infamous hacktivist group Anonymous forced Facebook offline, with many of its 900 million users unable to log onto the social network for hours.

Anonymous took to Twitter, using their @YourAnonNews handle to say “looks like good old Facebook is having packet problems,” and sprinkled it with some no-nonsense hashtags like #FuckFacebook and #FuckYourIPO.

They followed with “RIP Facebook a new sound of tango down bitches”, which resulted in “RIP Facebook” trending on Twitter both in the United States and worldwide.

How To Improve Internet / Network Performance in Virtual Box

Go to  the settings (make sure the Virtual machine is turned off), and then changing the network adapter to a different adapter type. For the XP testing VM we were using, switching over to the PCnet-PCI II adapter fixed the issue. Rajinikanth website really runs without Internet

It may sound like anotherRajinikanth joke, but a new website dedicated to the superstar runs ‘without an internetconnection’!

Visitors to are greeted with a warning that “He is no ordinary man, this is no ordinary website. It runs on Rajini Power” and are advised to switch off their internet connection to enter the website.

Only when the web is disconnected, one is allowed to explore the site.

Katrina Kaif most ‘dangerous celeb’, Shah Rukh Khan least on the Internet : Mcafee

According to a study by McAfee, Katrina Kaif is the most dangerous celebrity in the Indian cyber space. While Katrina has a huge fan following and is one of the most searched celebrities on the Web, this would be an awkward sobriquet. She is followed by Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor in the ‘Most Dangerous Indian Celebrity’ revealed by McAfee after they researched popular culture’s most famous people to reveal the riskiest celebrity sportsmen, actors, and politicians across the Web.

The cyber criminals create malicious software and online threats designed to steal personal information around fans looking for results on search engines using strings such as ‘name of celebrity’ combined with words like ‘free downloads’, ‘hot pictures’, ‘screen savers’, and ‘videos’.

“In a celebrity crazy country such as India, cyber criminals find it very lucrative to use the names of popular figures as keywords to lure people to websites with malicious software. This year’s study found movie stars top the “most dangerous” list, while sports stars and politicians are among the safest.”

– Venkatasubrahmanyam Krishnapur, Senior Director, McAfee India

The top 10 celebrities in India with the highest risk percentages are:

Katrina Kaif
Deepika Padukone
Kareena Kapoor
Saif Ali Khan
John Abraham
Priyanka Chopra
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Bipasha Basu
Aamir Khan
Shah Rukh Khan
The study for ‘Most Dangerous Celebrity’ used the McAfee SiteAdvisor site ratings which indicate the sites that are risky to search for celebrity names on the web and calculate an overall risk percentage. McAfee SiteAdvisor technology tests and rates nearly every trafficked site on the Internet and uses red, yellow and green icons to indicate the website’s risk level.

Here is a list of India’s TOP 10 Most Dangerous!

  1. Waptrick
  2. Katrina Kaif
  3. Orkut
  4. Yahoo Mail
  5. Shahid Kapoor
  6. Rediffmail
  7. How to earn money
  8. Namitha
  9. Shimla
  10. Beijing 2008 Olympic games

stats image Katrina Kaif Amongst India’s Most Dangerous Keywords Searched Online!

McAfee researched more than 2,600 popular keywords to assess the degree of risk for each.

Reports indicate that key words like “Katrina Kaif” are commonly used to lure people into clicking on them. Cybercriminals are making the most of such popular search terms online, and are enticing searchers to download files carrying malicious software, as a result, exposing their personal and financial data.

India faces an above average risk from risky search queries. So next time you are searching for any of the terms listed above, be careful about what you click on!

Gone in 60 Seconds – What Happen On Internet Every Sixty Seconds

Can you imagine a life without Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, eBay, or Amazon today? 20 years after its invention (the first web server was launched on 25 Dec 1990 in Switzerland), the World Wide Web (WWW) characterizes life in the world. But, do you know how big today’s internet is?

60 Seconds
[click on the image to view it in full size]

To give you an idea of how big WWW is, here is an Infographic 60 Seconds, which covers some interesting facts about websites that we use everyday. For example, in every 60 seconds Google serves more that 694,445 queries, 6,600+ pictures are uploaded on Flickr, 600 videos are uploaded on YouTube videos… (More details here)