How to Get a Reliance Jio SIM for Free

Reliance Jio is still not at the purpose of a business rollout, so it’s too soon to say what the real client experience will resemble on the system. Indeed, even the real valuing must be reported – starting now, very little is clear truly about the system. However, you can agree to Jio and appreciate rapid network without paying a paisa


How to Get classic menu & toolbars in Office 2010 with UBitMenu

Some new users who switch from the Office 2003 find some difficulty to use new menu and commands.

If you have spent several minutes trying to find features in Office ribbons that would have been at your finger tips in Office 2003, here is a simple solution to get accustomed to the new ribbon interface..

The lightweight solution UBitMenu emulate and/or activate the Office 2003 menu in Microsoft Office 2010 and 2007 (Word/Excel/PowerPoint).

UBitMenu does not hide the ribbon interface, but adds the classic menu as a new ribbon. It definitely simplifies your work and is free for personal use.

Download UBitMenu at source.

How To Get New IMEI Number for your Mobile phone

The Department of Telecommunication(DoT) has issued a notice to all customers to get themselves a genuine IMEI number from a approved service centre since the handsets with false imei number will stop working from November 30th, 2009.

Mobile Standards Alliance of India (MSAI) is the authorized body in India by GSM Association (GSMA) to perform Genuine IMEI Implant program (GII). They are now working with the cellular operators and DoT to implant genuine IMEI numbers on cell phones with false IMEI as a one time Amnesty program.

For changing IMEI numbers, visit only the authorized GII (Genuine IMEI implant) centre’s setup on Govt. approved process, which can implant new geniune IMEI on handset.

Unique, one of a kind in the World Benefiting Consumers in a One Time Opportunity Approved by Government and COAI.

Full proof time bound program controlled through online ce ntral servers.

You need to carry ID proof. (Ex: Voter ID Card, Drivers Licences, etc). Your photograph will be captured at the authorized GII service centre.

Pay a nominal charge of Rs 199 (all inclusive) and obtain a receipt.

This genuine IMEI implant is recognized by network operators so ‘no barring’ of services.

P.S : Remember, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to change your IMEI number. So Hurry!