How to Oneplus 5 hard reset using firmware update

IMPORTANT: It is important to obtain the correct upgrade file/firmware  for your particular model of phone.

You can also reset the phone using the apply update menu option in the recovery menu. Note: This will completely reflash the phone’s software and all your data will be deleted!

  1. Before you do anything you have to download the correct firmware and put it on your phone’s internal storage. Oneplus 5 has no external SD card slot.
    You can copy the firmware via SD cable when the phone is in MTP mode, or you can use the ADB shell to “push” the firmware to the phone’s internal virtual sdcard storage.
    Name or rename  the file as
  2. Power off your device Press and hold volume down + Power button. When the phone is vibrate let go the power button and keep press the Volume DOWN button until the recovery menu shows up.( device will boot into recovery mode )
  3. Select apply update
    This operation will take a while so be patient.
  4. When the flashing procedure finished the phone will reboot itself OR if not  from the recovery main menu select
    Reboot system now from ” Reboot” option.

How to Hard Reset Nokia Symbian ^ 3

Hard reset method is called to the process by which completely erases the phone’s internal memory (memory C:) and then restored the content to the files needed to function properly and be like the day we bought it. This is used to solve such problems errors caused by improperly installed or when buying a second hand phone and brings things from his former owner. If you are a happy user of Nokia phones with Symbian ^ 3 and want to do a hard reset follow these 3 steps: 

  1. Turn off your mobile
  2. Hold these buttons until the phone vibrates (approx 10 seconds) 
       * Volume Down Button 
       * Button Camera  
       * Menu Button
  3. Wait for the Nokia logo and ready 

Note that this method will delete your contacts, text messages, notes and appointments on the agenda, so it’s good to do a backup with the Ovi Suite or the same phone files manager before performing this procedure and not you will lose your data. This method is only for Symbian phones ^ 3 as the N8, C7, C6-01, X7 and E7 ^ 1 For Symbian you just dial * # 7370 #