Xperia Play CDMA R800x/ SE Zeus Screen Disassemble/Take Apart/Repair Video Guide

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Guide: How to download and install Microsoft office 2003 for free

This guide will tell you how to download and install Microsoft office 2003 for free. Please enjoy, comment, rate & subscribe. I made this guide because I was bored. I couldnt be asked to put any music partially the reason is that I didnt have any good tunes & because I couldnt be asked, lol. (NOTE: IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS PLEASE EMAIL ME IT, DO NOT SPAM IT IN THE COMMENTS. IF YOU DO I WILL JUST REMOVE IT) Winrar link: Microsoft office 2003: Subscribe for my future videos. Some which I will be uploading soon are: how to install custom firmware on a PSP aka how to hack a PSP; how to hack the PSP 3000!!!; Guide: how to download Google earth pro for free; Guide: How to make windows movie maker videos on xp HD & many more

Flashing a Custom ROM on the Samsung Galaxy S2 Flashing Tutorial & Guide

GOOGLE+: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Custom ROM (CheckROM) XDA Post: For ROM Updates: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: In this video guide i will teach you and give you step by step instructions on flashing a Custom ROM on the Samsung Galaxy Ace. Enjoy this tutorial 😉

Guide: Play GBA games on PSP (gpSP)

This is a guide to play GBA games on the PSP. A text based guide can be found here Download Link: OR OR another link but may have different files. Very similar This ONLY works for custom firmware.1. Go to your XMB (the menu of your PSP) 2. Go to System Settings. 3. Go to System Infomation 4. The software version number is the firmware number of your PSP Check if there is any letters beside the number. If there isnt then it is not a custom firmware. If yes, then you have a custom firmware. If you want more help go too google or go to afterdawn forums and ask some help. FAQ: Q: Can this play GB or GBC games ? A: Not that i know. There is the Masterboy emulator for PSP which can play GBA, GB and GBC games. Q: The emulator isnt starting ? A: Make sure you have custom firmware like 3.03 OE,3.71 M33, 3.90 GEN If, you do have a custom firmware. Check the game kernel. 1. Fully turn off the psp by holding the power button 2. Hold the R button and turn on the PSP 3. This will bring you to the recovery mode 4. Go to Config, then go to GAME kernal. Set it to 3.XX or 4.XX (Where X is the number of your firmware) Q: Where can I download gba games and roms A: Use google.They are copyright files so it makes them illegal to share. Q: Do I need to convert the Rom or such? A: When you download a rom they should either be in a .zip or .gba format. gpSP can play .zip files with the gba rom inside. However, I