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Today, TRON announced that it has built a strategic partnership with GSC (Global Social Chain). In the future, TRON will provide GSC with great support in aspects of fund, technology and infrastructure, and GSC will carry out optimization based on TRON Network, in order to jointly facilitate development of blockchain-based social system.

GSC (Global Social Chain) is the world’s first new generation of social network chain that owns hundreds of millions of social users. This social chain is determined to use block chain technology to subvert centralized social networks such as Facebook, WeChat, etc., which plays a dual role as “manager” and “arbiter” simultaneously for the former social networking platforms.

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Top 5 Partition Management Softwares Which Are Free


Below are free partition managers which you can easily use to partition your disks without losing your data. The partition software has a user friendly interface, and do not require any experience in partitioning or correcting disk problems.  The free partition manager listed enables you to keep your device organized by separating files with partitions. Also, the partition manager saves you time to access your data, as well as recovering any lost data.

  1. The EaseUS Free Partition Manager

The partition software enables users to create, delete, covert, explore and format partitions.  Besides, the free partition manager aids in resizing, moving, hiding as well as un-hiding any partition present in your device without causing any data damage. The partition software has a copy wizard which enables you to enlarge smaller partitions present in your hard drive.  Additionally, after you select the partition, the free partition manager ensures a smooth flow of whatever you want to do.  The free partition manager supports various file systems and a hard disk with maximum capacity of 4TB.  Some of the tasks supported by the partition software include;

The EaseUS Free Partition Manager

  • Linux file system partitioning
  • Transferring OS to an SSD
  • Partitioning of GPT
  • Recovering, deleting, creating and formatting partitions of EXT 2 and EXT 3.
  • Parts of the disk can be wiped or merged.
  1. Mini Tool Partition Software

The free partition manager has a user friendly interface, which makes it easier to use to all novice users.  The partition software enables you to delete, create, resize, format and move partitions. Besides, the free partition manager enables you to extend partitions in different hard disks, such as SATA, IDE and external drives using USB.  Some of the major advantages offered by the partition software include:

Mini Tool Partition Software

  • Data recovery from disk partitions created previously.
  • Accessing partitions created previously without hindrance of the resource used in creating.
  • Enables the selection of data protection mode when modifying the partitions. The protection of the free partition manger ensures there is no corruption of data, which occur due to power failure when the partition software is functioning.
  1. GParted Disk Partition Software

The GParted partition software is a GNOME editor, which you can use to delete, move, convert, format, copy and resize your partitions with only a few clicks and the shortest time.  Apart from the partition manager enabling the creation of partition table, it enables and disables hiding and booting of partition flags.  The partition software supports:

GParted Disk Partition Software

  • Data recovery in lost partitions.
  • The use of portable disks
  • The functioning of NTFS file system when used on windows.
  • The use of FAT files system in various computer systems.
  • Performance of ext2, ext3 and ext4 files systems with Linux.
  1. Paragon Partition Software

The partition software has licensed and free versions.  Features of the licensed partition software version are extensive, while those of the free partition manager version are specific.   The free partition manager can be used to:

Paragon Partition Software

  • Create new partitions on the hard disk.
  • Format partitions to NTFS file system.
  • Portray data array.
  • Giving a drive letter which accessible in the system.
  • Transferring unused space of a partition to one already used.
  1. AOMEI Free Partition Manager

The free partition manager allows complete management of partitions.  The partition manager supports windows 10, 8.1, 7, XP and Vista.  The free partition manager enables you to resize, merge, split, move and extend partitions. Besides, the partition software enables you to make bootable drive and CD, as well as converting disks between GPT and MBR.

AOMEI Free Partition Manager

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how to download free psp demos to your psp

demos is www.pspdemocenter.org U DO NOT NEED CFW (CUSTOM FIRMWARE)okay you need to upgrade your psp to a higher version.This is the link to the right there is a column with red writing go to the top of the column and press download now.then scroll down and agree. press save and then save it again to my desktop (DO NOT RENAME IT).Now link your psp with the computer and open your psp files, now open psp-GAME now you need to create a folder create it in the game file and name it UPDATE it must be in CAPSLOCK drag the EBOOT.PBP from your desktop in to the UPDATE folder.when you have put it in exit usb mode on the psp, then go to game memory stick, and then it should be there,before you press x make sure your psp battery is over 50%.now press x just agree to everything and start the update this is the update version 3.93.once youve updated your psp watch my video again on how to download free psp demos to your psp, and then you should be done. link for version 4.05 uk.playstation.com