How To Flash Samsung Galaxy Gio Using Odin 4.42

How to flash Samsung galaxy gio using odin 4.42 (Custom and official roms) Download Firmware of your Choice Download ODIN NOTE: Always do a fectory reset before and after flashing to avoid glitches. 1. Extract and Run Samsung S5660 Galaxy Gio ODIN 4.42 Downloader on your Desktop. 2. Open ODIN and Click OPS button and select and load: Gio_v1.0.ops If you want to flash single file(.tar) click on Single package and locate the single .tar file in single package option . skip to step 7 3. Click BOOT button and select and load: APBOOT_S5660xxxxx_CL940762_REV03_user_low_true.tar.md5 4. Click PDA button and select and load: CODE_S5660xxxxx_CL940762_REV03_user_low_true.tar.md5 5. Click PHONE button and select: MODEM_S5660xxxxx_CL928654_REV03.tar.md5 6. Click CSC button and select: GT-S5660-MULTI-CSC-Oxxxxx.tar.md5 7. Turn the Samsung Galaxy Gio into Download mode by pressing ( Volume Down + OK + Power ) together. 8. Connect Cable phone to pc Make sure that the program detect the phone. 9. Click Start button if all set and ready,and wait until the program will finished downloading files. A word PASS! will appear if the flashing successfully completes. The phone will then reboot,you can check and confirm the newly downloaded firmware version by typing *#1234# and then do a full reset by typing this Code *2767*3855#

How to Flash Custom ROM (ICS) – (Gingerbread) Droid Razr (& Maxx)

**This will only work with gingerbread droid razr! (not a razr that has the official ics from verizon) In this video I will show you how to install a custom rom to the droid razr or razr maxx. More specifically I will be installing an ice cream sandwhich rom. You will need root and recovery already, if you dont have those you can watch my other videos that will be linked in the video description. This is part 4 of my droid razr how to series. ***YOUR DATA WILL BE COMPLETELY WIPED FROM YOUR PHONE, CONTACTS, APPS, SETTINGS (not the sd card or internal storage) ***This video is for Verizon CDMA Razr only //OTHER RAZR VIDEOS Part 1 – how to install driver & set up utility Part 2 – how to root Part 3 – how to flash recovery Part 4 – how to flash custom rom (ICS) Part 5 – how to unbrick (return to stock) how to flash touch clockworkmod recovery how to debloat stock software (no data wipe) //WRITTEN GUIDE 1. go to the link below, register with the site if you havent already and download the rom (if the above site’s link does not work use the one below) 2. plug your phone into your computer and mount is as a disk drive 3. copy and paste the rom onto either the sd card or the internal storage 4. on your phone, launch the bootstrap app and reboot into recovery 5. go to mounts and storage, format cache, format data, format system 6. go back

How to Flash to a Custom Windows Mobile 6 ROM on HTC Apache

In response to a user’s request yesterday, I’ve made a video showing how to flash your HTC Apache (XV6700, PPC6700) to a custom ROM. Download WM6 Kitchen & PPCGeeks OEM: Also must place PPCGeeks_OEM.rar on your machine C:\BuildOS Download WM6.1 Kitchen: Vista users please disable your USB Connections in Windows Mobile Device Center before flashing (re-enable after finished so you can sync when done 🙂

HTC HD2 (How to flash a Custom WINDOWS MOBILE 6.5 ROM)

This two part series will show you EXACTLY how to flash a custom ROM to your HTC HD2 phone. We will cover all the elements and descriptions of what they do. Please post comments in the thread over at XDA as I will be able to provide the best response through that site. Check out my website for more awesome videos and SUBSCRIBE if you would enjoy seeing daily updated content such as this! Part 2 Here: Hard SPL 3 and LEO Radio Link for this ROM: XDA Link to ENERGY ROM Thread: *Link May Change* Check out for more info. Donate Link to help me out: Donate Link for NRGZ28:

How to flash a custom rom to your rooted AT&T HTC Inspire 4g

Links: Download first: Full Wipe 1.3: LeeDroid’s Rom: DISCLAIMER: This if for Educational Purpsoses ONLY!! You assume the risk of voiding your warranty and possibly damaging your phone beyond repair. Neither I, nor the creators of these roms, can or will be held responsible for your actions. Please note, that I have edited this video for time/size. When you first boot your new custom rom, it WILL take awhile. If you sit at the same screen for MORE THAN 10 MINUTES, then you may have a problem. If it is less than that, then JUST WAIT! If you sit at the same screen, then boot into hboot (power + vol down) and select the backup we did in the very first step. Then try AGAIN!